Here's Why the McLaren F1 Is the Greatest Car Ever Made

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 19, 2019


    The McLaren F1 is one of the most famous cars in history -- and possibly the very best car in history. Today I'm reviewing the McLaren F1, and I'm taking you on a full tour of the McLaren F1 -- then I'm getting the McLaren F1 out on the road with Jay Leno.

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  • Doug DeMuro

    Doug DeMuro

     6 months ago +10492

    And now you know how to change the CD track in a McLaren F1.

  • Katya Dunn

    Katya Dunn

     40 minutes ago

    The car got a nice ass.

  • Motzer Alles Mist

    Motzer Alles Mist

     2 hours ago

    not-Porsche !
    It is a childish britisch boys toy with this silly reverse gear lock !
    First thing I would do is breaking off that gear lock and make the car 50% cheaper in 10 seconds !

  • crazym8654321


     9 hours ago

    The f1 I remember didnt have all that luxury. It had one seat and switches to control the engine.

  • Johnny Begoode

    Johnny Begoode

     12 hours ago

    Didn't show him getting in the driver seat.. must be difficult and not very camera friendly 😂

  • HMan


     23 hours ago

    Kinda makes you wonder how fast this thing would go with a little extra boost...

  • Luca Goodman

    Luca Goodman


    I have been on the throw for 40 minutes

  • drummerboy1390



    Make sure there are no sharp implements or firearms around when you tell your wife what you paid for it.
    'It was only twenty million dear.'

  • Finn Sørensen

    Finn Sørensen


    Besides it is fast, I really don't think it is very great. Entrance is ridiculous, fuel consumption most likely horrible and service is not possible without an outdated computer.

  • ANDREW Valdivieso

    ANDREW Valdivieso


    No one:

    Jay Leno:
    I MEAN

  • Bryan Baker

    Bryan Baker


    Wait. I just watched you say the Porsche Carrera GT was the greatest car ever made. I'm confused.

  • Raafie


     2 days ago

    Beautiful vehicle

  • Malf Meister

    Malf Meister

     2 days ago

    4:00 - never knew adding iron made anything lighter. Maybe gravity was weaker in the 90’s 🧐

  • S K

    S K

     2 days ago

    still such a beautiful clean lines supercar. love it !

  • Cuthbert Bracegirdle

    Cuthbert Bracegirdle

     2 days ago

    The F1 is a piece of crap.

  • The Truth

    The Truth

     2 days ago

    Jay Leno =coolest car guy in the world

  • Nudesoftheworld Eroticdrawings

    Nudesoftheworld Eroticdrawings

     2 days ago

    Doug on Christmas morning 33:08

  • MacPro8CoreMan


     2 days ago

    I really liked that Jay drove the car. I was starting to worry that Jay was not going to be in the the video at all. Also, I think Doug is quite a bit taller, so with no seat adjustment; it just makes sense. A fantastic "low-tech" hyper car to close out the 20th Century!

  • FaloopinDaloop


     2 days ago

    Lucky bastards

  • Unwanted Commentary

    Unwanted Commentary

     2 days ago

    I am crying from how awesome this is xD