We Followed A High School Schedule For 24 Hours

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 31, 2019
  • "Welcome to BuzzFeed High."

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    Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet
    Andrew_Howe/Getty Images
    School doodle illustration set. Back to school elements and icons. Children education hand drawn drawings
    redchocolatte/Getty Images
    Notebook Paper Wrinkled - Wide Rule
    spxChrome/Getty Images
    washi tape pieces
    lainea/Getty Images
    Sign A plus grade on line paper with red pen
    paggiest/Getty Images
    Lockers in a Row
    plherrera/Getty Images

    Jazzmyne Robbins
  • Source: https://youtu.be/EikT1yA5b5E


  • Kailee Palardy

    Kailee Palardy

     3 hours ago

    What are the chances of Quincy passing away in the 15 days in between filming rip Quincy

  • Gachagod Asher

    Gachagod Asher

     4 hours ago

    April forth 2009 is my birthday!!!

  • Midnight_Killer 0025

    Midnight_Killer 0025

     4 hours ago

    I'm learning about the Great Depression and dust bowls in school

  • Ronan Vandermus

    Ronan Vandermus

     5 hours ago

    Ya’ll got out at 2:15 I get out an hour later y’all LUCKY!!

  • Youtube Girl

    Youtube Girl

     5 hours ago

    You guys had 7 periods, I have 9 and school tills 3:30!

  • xxpuppyxX YT

    xxpuppyxX YT

     6 hours ago

    Ms.Mec is one ofmy fav people ever

  • Jocelyn Narciso Garcia

    Jocelyn Narciso Garcia

     9 hours ago

    14:36 noticing the bt21 cooky notebook

  • Jocelyn Narciso Garcia

    Jocelyn Narciso Garcia

     9 hours ago

    2:51 me just noticing shes wearing a bt21 scrunchie

  • Wolfie Chan

    Wolfie Chan

     10 hours ago +1

    Lindsay was just straight up hangry in Spanish xD

  • The world according to Lola

    The world according to Lola

     12 hours ago

    45 minutes? My classes last up to two hours and a half.

  • joyce chan

    joyce chan

     17 hours ago

    asians sit in the same classroom for the whole day



     17 hours ago +1

    Redo elementary school plzzzzz!!! P.S luv all of u guysss

  • Bethani Creamer

    Bethani Creamer

     22 hours ago

    In your math class, I’m in 5th grade an we’re doing 9power of 7 and it’s hard sometimes but sometimes it can be easy and fun you just have to get in to the math...

  • Selma _roblox and gacha gamer

    Selma _roblox and gacha gamer

     23 hours ago

    I'm in 5th grade and it's pretty stressful but school is school and I hate it

  • Anneliese Widdis

    Anneliese Widdis

     23 hours ago

    Honestly I have one teacher who says we have to be SILENT the second we walk into class other then greeting the teacher or answering a question and we ARE REQUIRED to stay glued to our seats in less told too, it’s TORTURE in that classroom honestly

  • Brooke Eliz

    Brooke Eliz


    Wait do americans legit do the pledge of allegiance every day? I’m an aussie and all i can say is wowwwwww

  • Julia.Williams



    If i had a Physics teacher like her then maybe I wouldn’t hate it

  • Gianna Gonzalez

    Gianna Gonzalez


    I have to be at school by 7:20 and I have 8 classes well minus lunch and we get out at 2:30!

  • Tanika Nash

    Tanika Nash


    “I can’t wait to see you in class today, ON TIME!”
    Jazz- “wow she’s hot”

  • Purple Queen

    Purple Queen

     yesterday +1

    6:04 Jazzmyne should of got a strike 😂