KOREAN McDonald's VS. Burger King in Seoul South Korea

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 4, 2018
  • Many of you guys asked me to try out the McDonald's in South Korea and I was super excited as well. With burgers such as the Shanghai burger, I was expecting great things. After eating at McDonald's I also stopped at Burger King in Seoul and tried out some of the interesting items there. So here is my review and comparison of Korean McDonald's and Burger King in South Korea.****MORE EXCLUSIVE Content on Instagram**** http://instagr.am/Mikexingchenhttp://instagr.am/haveadumpling➨Get tickets to the best show on earth!!! http://bit.ly/2gu7REIStrictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE: http://bit.ly/2IVM2ts►Subscribe for MORE videos about food! http://bit.ly/1hsxh41► Subscribe to our COOKING Channel! http://bit.ly/2vz2UPT------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★Facebook Show Page: https://www.facebook.com/strictlydump...Facebook Mike Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/mikeychenxStrictly Dumpling Instagram: http://instagr.am/haveadumplingPersonal Instagram: http://instagr.am/MikexingchenTwitter: http://twitter.com/MikexingchenTwitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mikexchen◈ Equipment I use for filming◈ :Sony RX100 Mark V: https://go.magik.ly/ml/cgc5/PANASONIC LUMIX G85: https://go.magik.ly/ml/cgcd/Wide Angle Lens: https://go.magik.ly/ml/cgck/Camera Mic: https://go.magik.ly/ml/cgcn/Camera Lights: https://go.magik.ly/ml/cgcq/Handheld Audio Recorder: https://go.magik.ly/ml/cgcr/Tripod: https://go.magik.ly/ml/cgcu/Drone: https://go.magik.ly/ml/cgcx/My Favorite Cookware!wok/pan http://amzn.to/2f5G0upAlso this pan http://amzn.to/2f5QnyiPressure pan http://amzn.to/2wJIS7uNonstick pot http://amzn.to/2wHRgq1-------------------------------------✉Send stuff to our P.O. Box!Mike Chen P.O. Box 610 Middletown, NY 10940-------------------------------------♩ ♫ Music:
  • Source: https://youtu.be/EfMQmg8ks2E


  • OperatorNeptune

     6 months ago

    Looks like the McDonalds in Korea has a working ice cream machine.

  • :3

     15 days ago

    I laughed hard at this im sorry 🤣

  • Siobhan Finn

     8 months ago

    Imagine working and thinking, who the hell ordered seven burgers? And then just thinking that it's a group of people this guy is ordering for, only then to watch him eat all of the by himself. You wonder who he is, how he eats so much, when you overhear him say to the camera, 'Time to go to Burger King!'

  • Vincent Vermeer

     1 months ago

    @Williams Hu especially if he then proceeds to eat at bk.

  • Just ClickBait

     8 months ago

    I gained 40 pounds watching you eat this

  • I will chute you

     1 months ago

    @Uncles Lumbago no u

  • Kwnstantina Sonia

     3 months ago

    Man i was thinking the same but other wording."i gain weight just by watching him" 🤣

  • Kevin Laux

     8 months ago

    Dude I remember that deal $5 for 5 whoppers. My mom bought a sack for me and I had 2 for lunch, 2 for dinner and another for breakfast. That was indeed a special day.

  • Omar Mahmoud

     19 days ago


  • MigzFilms

     9 months ago

    "Mom can we have McDon...""There's food at home"

  • LeilaLamb

     3 days ago

    MigzFilms I’m that mom!

  • Kellerwärter178

     1 months ago

    Feelin ya bro

  • G.O.A.T

     6 months ago

    Me: *I'm hungry*YouTube recommendations: *Starve!!!!* 😈

  • 딸기우유

     4 months ago

    The menu said Monster X but my brain said MONSTA X

  • Simone Dethrow

     1 months ago

    Same. So same.

  • s a m a r i y a

     1 months ago


  • a-wanderingcloud 0-0

     8 months ago

    Everyone is complaining about the American menu in McDonald’s but, you should come see the one in the UK 😒 There’s nearly nothing 😂

  • du1roger


    @a-wanderingcloud 0-0 yeah, haven’t actually been but I’ve seen the menu. I remember I was so excited, since next week I’m going over to Scotland, London, and Paris, and I remember because of Miley’s McDonald’s videos, I wanted to see their McDonald’s. Looks different, than America, though. I dunno about worse, better, or the same.

  • Reg3e

     5 months ago

    Why does the McDonald burger from where I currently live looks as if someone sat on it before being serve...

  • Bukenya Gaster

     29 days ago

    May be because you live in Buttsville

  • Tania S

     3 months ago

    Reg3e u in the uk too?

  • SaVvy G

     4 months ago

    My family was too poor to buy fast-food when I was a kid too! We use to only get it when Burger King had their 99 cent whopper sales. To this day whoppers are one of my fave burgers