DIY Net Gun



  • vlogger couple

    vlogger couple

     a years ago +66

    Are you slowly becoming Batman? Lol

  • Michelle E

    Michelle E

     a years ago +179

    That was the manliest scream I've ever heard 😂😂

  • Directionally Challenged

    Directionally Challenged

     a years ago +87

    It's less X-wing more tie-fighter

  • NathRW00


     a years ago +37

    You should do more adapters for the T-shirt cannon

  • Stonedude123


     a years ago +17


  • Elliott Andrews

    Elliott Andrews

     a years ago +38

    Make metal rope using your old rope maker, it would be super cool to see the process!

  • Cody Whitlock

    Cody Whitlock

     a years ago +199

    I need this to catch my chickens 😱😱😂

  • Alyjaana Paulson

    Alyjaana Paulson

     a years ago +32

    Aerogel (or "Solid Air") is known for its /extremely/ low thermal conductivity. What happens if you put it in liquid nitrogen?

  • Trevor Feltz Feltz

    Trevor Feltz Feltz

     a years ago +51

    Would you do a project that involves making a modern end table, and maybe have running water go through the table looking like a river.

  • Jolly ali inc.

    Jolly ali inc.

     a years ago +25

    add magnets to the ends of the PVC pipes so that it would tangle a person better

  • softlikecurry


     a years ago +23

    But who's the cameraman's cameraman ?

  • Jobey Dillon

    Jobey Dillon

     a years ago +5

    It would be great if you had a supplies list before the video

  • Laura Burk

    Laura Burk

     a years ago +6

    Really Cool! I wish my mom and dad would let me build these things.

  • Olaf Gołąb

    Olaf Gołąb

     a years ago +75

    Make an arc lighter.

  • Timothy Kelley

    Timothy Kelley

     a years ago +15

    You caught me with this video... I've fallen and I can't get up (cause I'm laughing so hard!)

  • Zohair Syed

    Zohair Syed

     a years ago +5

    a lot of these "diy" vids r cool but where the heck do u get all those stuff

  • Dickson Domingo

    Dickson Domingo

     a years ago +7

    Why don't you guys change the channel's name to "The Kings Of Random"

  • John Moruzzi

    John Moruzzi

     a years ago +29

    I love the new intro, it's significantly more better than the old one

  • Sason_The_Mason


     a years ago +9

    You should make a humongous sugar rocket.

  • Mihira VP

    Mihira VP

     a years ago +13

    Can you electrolysis molten salt to get sodium metal and chlorine gas please king of random