Great Stuff vs Vacuum Chamber

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 16, 2019
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    In this video we're testing out several of your comment requests- freeze drying slime, boiling slime, putting spray paint in liquid nitrogen, putting expanding foam in a vacuum, and casting gallium in ice cream.

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  • Amy Seymour

    Amy Seymour

     2 days ago +1

    How many times has cali lit something on fire


  • Natedog _2170

    Natedog _2170

     4 days ago

    What happens when you try to put gallium in an empty egg

  • Natedog _2170

    Natedog _2170

     4 days ago

    Plz feature me

  • Allen Hammons

    Allen Hammons

     6 days ago

    Foam looked like hash oil

  • Simon Adams

    Simon Adams

     6 days ago

    Can you freeze mobile phone with camera is on in liquid nitrogen ???

  • Isabel Freeman

    Isabel Freeman

     7 days ago

    have you guys freeze dried water melon??

  • Pamela Husky

    Pamela Husky

     7 days ago

    15:25 Look at the inside of my butthole.



     7 days ago

    did yall ever Vacum raw eggs boiled eggs or rubber eggs

  • GOATPumpkinBoy


     7 days ago

    Can u cast gallium in dry ice

  • fred Jefferson

    fred Jefferson

     7 days ago

    You guys should put brake fluid in chlorine and run

  • Sam !!

    Sam !!

     7 days ago

    I’m sorry but why aren’t they together I mean idk if they are but they have to be

  • Daryl Nolan

    Daryl Nolan

     14 days ago

    2.58 I have a bowl of seamen that's looks suspiciously similar

  • Morgan Yackeren

    Morgan Yackeren

     14 days ago

    Can u use the vacuum on ice cream and melted ice cream

  • Adam Longhunters270

    Adam Longhunters270

     14 days ago

    What would happen if you burn bleach and gasoline and resin all together?

  • Engardian


     14 days ago


  • K Schunemeyer

    K Schunemeyer

     14 days ago

    Can you mix butter and liquid nitrogen

  • chuck moelter

    chuck moelter

     14 days ago

    Why are you supporting Wells Fargo?? Just a question.

  • Stixman415


     21 days ago

    15:26 Hol' up what did she say? 😂

  • HCTV productions

    HCTV productions

     21 days ago

    Put liquid nitrogen in Athens freeze dryer and vacume chamber

  • Dillion Moore

    Dillion Moore

     21 days ago

    My name is Abbigail. I want you to carve a pumkin and see how long it lasts.