Facts That Will Make You Say "I Had No Idea"



  • Oreseur


     a years ago +1339

    10:02 for anyone who came here JUST for the tiny handle.

  • Jaiden Stylez

    Jaiden Stylez

     10 months ago +492

    How do I always end up laying in bed watching these videos when i should be sleeping ??

  • James Keefer

    James Keefer

     11 months ago +184

    3:15 it's a 1 and a 0, not a line and an O. It's binary code for on and off.

  • pineapplepenumbra


     11 months ago +31

    "Those holes are not waterproof".
    Are any holes? I thought that was the nature of holes?

  • Victor von Memesing

    Victor von Memesing

     2 months ago +21

    Did he just make a rickroll joke in 2018?!?
    ...did I just comment on a video from 2018 in 2019?!?

  • George Vreeland Hill

    George Vreeland Hill

     a years ago +4075

    "I Had No Idea" that I would be wasting my time watching this.

  • J Z

    J Z

     2 months ago +18

    I use the clock every day for the Alarm.

  • Maryscott OConnor

    Maryscott OConnor

     10 months ago +11

    Fa(t)-seh-ted. Not Fuhseeded. Good god.

  • Handington


     10 months ago +193

    I was surprised at how bad this video was!

  • Tusk


     9 months ago +129

    The so called handle on the mapple syrup bottle is not even a handle its a hole to put a rope through it because thats how we Canadians used to carry stuff around back in the days the be amazed channel is ran by a bunch of idiots

  • MeZillch


     a years ago +1463

    I watched this whole video just to find out the function of the little maple syrup handle only to learn it has none. I've been had!

  • V.D.


     9 months ago +67

    You forgot to mention that the "1" and "0" are derived from binary where "1" stands for on and "0" stands for off.

  • DigitPlayer


     7 months ago +5

    I'm not using those ketchup containers wrong, that's how they're meant to be used

  • Wartortle


     2 months ago +9

    Not a line and a circle, its a Binary One (1) and Zero (0).

  • justiN


     28 days ago +4

    I learned that people somehow don't know that fire is a source of light.

  • Frankie T

    Frankie T

     2 months ago +8

    Pretty sure that little pocket is to keep my weed seperate

  • Joel Angeles

    Joel Angeles

     8 months ago +34

    OMG! The measurement tape one is mind blowing! What's next? That I can use the sharp side of a knife to cut with?

  • Angel on a journey

    Angel on a journey

     10 months ago +14

    10:02 is the reason I’m here

  • Jay Lawrence

    Jay Lawrence

     2 months ago +3

    Boy that explanation for the handle was disappointing considering it was used in the clickbait lol.

  • TIM


     a years ago +533

    Thank me later: The handle comes from the time where maple syrup was sold in 5 gallon jugs, they decreased its size and so did the handle.