ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" M/V | Great Debut Song | Reaction!!!

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 11, 2019
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  • Niven42

     5 months ago

    I think the fandom should be called Bitzys. And the haters are Spiders.

  • Aryana Wright

     19 days ago

    omg lmfaooo

  • Sha-nekwa Isaac

     1 months ago

    Spiders 😂😂

  • EunTzu Shipper

     5 months ago

    I’m early.. Dalla in korean means different.

  • denise

     1 months ago

    @White Wiz*Jipoo LOL

  • Tara Lamixane

     2 months ago

    I thought dala means different

  • babystay egi

     5 months ago

    Bris that's the same tunnel as :Monsta x - DramaramaBig bang - Bang bang bangStray kids - My pace2NE1 - Come back homeSNSD- You thinkBTS - RunGFriend - Sunrise

  • Fairy Li

     6 days ago

    Pfft hahahaha!!!

  • CaRaT !

     13 days ago

    I knew it! That tunnel is so familiar to me. Well, its a special tunnel

  • Junior Assamba

     5 months ago

    Im not going to lie their debut song was lit

  • ꧁ৡılılıllılı_Mitzy Pooh_ılıllılılıৡ꧂

     3 months ago


  • Grecia

     5 months ago

    thank god its Friday! Honestly I was a sheep and didn’t like it but after watching their stage performances, they in fact DID snap necks with their debut I’m kinda obsessed lmao

  • Jade Almonte

     5 months ago

    Lol two of the girls were actually main girls in the highlight reel for BTS

  • LoveYourself Answer

     28 days ago

    @Taebae Turnsup I'm laughing so hard oh my godd 😂

  • Aries fufo

     4 months ago

    @Taebae Turnsup just choke me....LOLOLOL

  • HOME

     5 months ago

    That Tunnel was used for: BigBang-Bang bang bangBTS-Run ITZY-Dalla Dalla Monsta X:Dramarama Idk maybe more groups (a very very famous tunnel)

  • Jane Mina

     2 months ago

    2ne1 come back home hihihi

  • Jasmine Montgomery

     4 months ago

    Loona (Yves) - New

  • squishy mochi

     5 months ago

    I saw "DALLA DALLA" and started singing "GO GO" yOlO yOlO yO

  • Kim Long

     4 months ago

    squishy mochi I’m not BTS fan but I know what u mean 😂😂

  • B.T.S Army

     4 months ago

    Same lmao😂😂🤣🤣

  • Destiny Simon

     5 months ago

    Its a crown bris, not antlers 💀Edit: oop 👀💜

  • Love Yourself

     5 months ago

    Fun Fact about them two members were in the BTS highlight. The one that starts the song was with JIMIN and J-Hope in the dancing studio and another one (I forgot who) was with Jungkook in the hospital


     15 days ago

    With Jimin and Jhope is Ryujin and For Yuna with Jungkook, ........ don't forget Taehyung is jealous #Vkook

  • damnjoon

     4 months ago

    ryujin and yuna?

  • Munkee F10W3Rr1ng

     5 months ago

    Super Junior- Black Suit TVXQ - The Chance of Love Beast - Good LuckInfinite - The Chaser B.A.P - SkydiveTaemin - Press Your NumberBTOB - I’ll Be Your Man NU’EST W - Help Me

  • Hannas

     2 months ago

    F(x) too

  • Soft For The8.

     5 months ago

    bangsat ye why you mad?