BEST EVER Dance Crewes on Britain's Got Talent

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 29, 2018
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  • Ayah K.

    Ayah K.

     a years ago +4753

    I am still sad old men can dance better than me

  • Johnnytingzたいです


     5 months ago +1722

    The storm troopers do that when darth vader is not around lol 😂

  • •Im•a•tree• Yeet

    •Im•a•tree• Yeet

     5 months ago +846

    Simon: “It’s a yes from me.”
    Storm troopers: “Thanks boss!”

  • Uwanka


     4 months ago +718

    "Imagine being their kids"
    Those kids would be lucky as hell to have that kind of fathers.

  • Khadija Bachir

    Khadija Bachir

     1 months ago +434

    i'm sure that Old men were sooo dope at hight school

  • Ella Johnson

    Ella Johnson

     7 months ago +192

    8:14 who else got the weird line acrossed their screen?

  • Golden Films

    Golden Films

     2 days ago +8

    Who else feels bad for all those poor shoes, getting spun, flipped, and slammed😂🤣.
    Rip in the chat...

  • Camila Cardoso

    Camila Cardoso

     6 months ago +431

    20:31 poor girl is shaking

  • Bennyboy _

    Bennyboy _

     6 months ago +813

    The Mysticals Ones "were the best dance group in the world"
    Storm troopers join the chat.

  • Kiet Quan Tuan

    Kiet Quan Tuan

     a years ago +2627

    This is the first time stormtroopers ever hit anythingXD

  • Zac. TV

    Zac. TV

     1 months ago +409

    “*do YOu WoRK foR ThIs DArK LoRd?*”

  • sally heun

    sally heun

     2 days ago +3

    judges:*hits the gold buzzer*
    janator:not the darn buzzer again

  • Joker 88

    Joker 88

     1 months ago +130

    bruh explain why the judges give hugs to each other after every golden buzzard

  • 짱찐자


     7 days ago +42

    4:38 use the caption it says
    "Whooping condom star" Lmao

  • Eetz Quazura

    Eetz Quazura

     14 days ago +74

    Roses are Red
    Violets are blue
    There’s always a black guy who can dance better than you

  • Kathy Rout

    Kathy Rout

     7 days ago +53

    The first one just shows you should NEVER UNDERESTIMATE MEN WOOOOOOO

  • Janis Tilins

    Janis Tilins

     14 days ago +57

    Well if stormtroopers aren't good at aiming, they're incredible at dancing.

  • cancerianStargazer


     21 days ago +70

    0:00 Old man grooving
    2:52 Boogie Storm
    8:08 Mythical PSM
    12:43 Boyband
    15:43 Empire
    19:37 IMD Region
    22:34 Entity Allstars

  • Sypher Colby

    Sypher Colby

     22 hours ago +1

    If you try to think of cool things to say you’ll be stressed out so just think of something d7mb to say

  • Wifi & Wiffin

    Wifi & Wiffin

     26 minutes ago +1

    I love when their annoyed face in disbelief suddenly change in surprise and appreciation XD