The Spiders and the Bees

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 8, 2019
  • Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.

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  • Atsutane77


     seconds ago

    Sooooo...When I was on my holiday I went to a swimming pool (it was outdoors) and I stood up a a BEE LANES ON MY FINGER AND STARTED CRAWLING ON MY FINGER!! And another bee cane and did the same thing later...I freaked out...

  • AureliaCat152


     16 minutes ago

    i have a horrible fear of anything that flies and has a stinger, in 8th grade i had a full on panic attack on the bus because there was a bumble bee on the window. at this point i’m afraid of anything that could possibly be a bee wasp or hornet, i’ve even ran away from flys

  • Mooshoo


     2 hours ago

    You know i was actually getting comfortable with spiders until you said “UnLeSs YoU lIvE iN aUsTrAliA”

  • Alex Ryden10

    Alex Ryden10

     2 hours ago

    so the scale of the bugs 1:bees 2: spiders 3:moths

  • Tristan Hight

    Tristan Hight

     2 hours ago

    I hate bees

  • Bundle of Nonsense

    Bundle of Nonsense

     3 hours ago

    One time I hit a spider with a broom and it must have been pregnate because when I hit it a bunch of baby spiders came crawling out, I got most but like 32 got away and that’s why I moved out of my house 1 week early

  • Galaxy Gurll

    Galaxy Gurll

     3 hours ago +1

    James: Unless you live in Australia-
    Me: Oh no
    James: U r safe from spiders.
    Me: realises I live in Australia Ah the depression..

  • Kattye


     3 hours ago


    The yello bees are wasps

    Bees are brown

    Brown bee : pet her
    Yelloh : RUN AWAYYYYY

  • skyhigh sunday

    skyhigh sunday

     3 hours ago

    James: they cant see their children graduate
    Me: Their children can’t see either

  • xXDiamondGemXx


     4 hours ago

    James:Seeing the sun

    Me:But I don’t see the sun. If I did then I would be blind

  • Aryanna Mackner

    Aryanna Mackner

     5 hours ago

    Also, hi random person reading this and scrolling🤣

  • Aryanna Mackner

    Aryanna Mackner

     5 hours ago

    I hated that there is a spider within a 5 yards away from you all the time

  • Deevaas The destroyer

    Deevaas The destroyer

     5 hours ago

    Spider is a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Macaroni Jack011

    Macaroni Jack011

     5 hours ago +1

    Me: Cries in Australian

  • jessica broussard

    jessica broussard

     5 hours ago

    I hate 🐝 I love spider 🕷 I like wops

  • Micah Alexei

    Micah Alexei

     5 hours ago

    wait if James said at the beginning spider webs are too weak to trap you then he says spider webs are stronger then bullet proof vests? ok that's just confusing.

  • Brian Myers

    Brian Myers

     6 hours ago

    Wasps are evil

  • Brian Myers

    Brian Myers

     6 hours ago

    You might have killed the bee

  • Brian Myers

    Brian Myers

     6 hours ago

    Why bare foot

  • Brian Myers

    Brian Myers

     6 hours ago

    Your dying from all the dead bees