US China Trade War Explained -Who Needs Who?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 28, 2019
  • Patrick Bet-David breaks down the US Trade War with China and what you can do about it. Don't forget to subscribe.

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  • Valuetainment


     1 months ago +10

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  • Beta M

    Beta M

     4 hours ago

    So why Americans gives all those money to other countries if US is so much in debt?

  • Beta M

    Beta M

     4 hours ago

    Make a vidie about Globalizatinds PROS & CONS
    Why Globalist's attacks President Trump, and other would leaders like Orban, Netanyahu, Salvini, and Modi of India.

    Why these world leaders refusing Globalization's?

    Why Globalization's is the raised of Nationalism.

  • Akhil Kadapalla

    Akhil Kadapalla

     11 hours ago +1

    I don't understand why Americans always fear a growing country. I think they have the problem of being obsessed to always remain a superpower. But the world is all of dynamics, kingdoms raise and fall. I think China should teach them basic physics. ;)

  • Ride With Me

    Ride With Me

     19 hours ago +1

    Don’t worry, US have secret weapon...

    Introducing CORONAVIRUS.

    Within 2 months all manufacturing will move out from China

    No more Made In China 2025

  • Anttics


     19 hours ago

    no communist or socialist country should ever be number one. for humanities sake.

  • Brian Browne

    Brian Browne

     2 days ago

    LHM! Why does this guy have so many subscribers? Why does this video have so many simple: This guy's style is riveting...his energy, the clarity of his explanations, the busy blackboard of the best explanations of the topic out there...if not the best!

  • Akash Chopra

    Akash Chopra

     3 days ago

    I would have happily given my $135,000 debt payment from UC Davis to you for this type of college education without a second thought. Please open a college for the sake of patriotism. We need this like we need air.

  • martin sinclair

    martin sinclair

     4 days ago

    The millionaires in China would not have become millionaires had they been in the US

  • ikm64


     5 days ago

    Everything was fine until 'China' decided to challenge the US's hegemony..As there really can ever only be one 'top dog'...Conflict was inevitable...Now for the's less to do with trade... and it's all to do about power...
    So now all things are 'on the table' and it's not going to end well for either side...
    With the current geopolitical mindset on both sides
    'the world is full of just types of and losers'
    ..and both will do everything they can so they don't end up the latter...

  • Jason Lyric

    Jason Lyric

     5 days ago

    Why don’t the US place tariffs on all US companies that moves/ed US jobs over seas?

  • sina mumuta

    sina mumuta

     5 days ago

    Chinas lots of product coming in are fake is cheating and fake business coming in the Country very dangerous and violence messy not good very dangerous and Destroyed the environment

  • bakersystems


     5 days ago

    nice presentation

  • MoFlyboy Blanquito

    MoFlyboy Blanquito

     6 days ago

    New to channel good stuff

  • Oscar


     6 days ago

    I think PAT is right expect on one thing. if China sells the us debt they own, the fed will then buy it and crash the dollar not the stock will eventually crash the market but either way they will crash the dollar before anything

  • Ab Marketing

    Ab Marketing

     6 days ago +1

    There is no trade deficit with China. There's approximately a 40 billion dollar Surplus. You forgot the financial and service industry. When was the last time in the United States that you open an account in a Chinese Bank, or when was the last time you went to go see a Chinese movie, when was the last time you went to go see a Chinese basketball team play in the United States. China has the upper hand. When was the last time you bought insurance for my Chinese Insurance Company. China has the upper hand. When the last time you made an investment in a Chinese Investment Company. China has upper hand because all major American financial institutions are in China. Now what happen if China put sanctions and tariffs on those institutions? China has the upper hand.

  • Jumes


     6 days ago

    China has the leverage because of what you said about lack of freedom. Also, China has a long term vision. Their education system is great and very competitive

  • mark heyne

    mark heyne

     6 days ago

    Econ 101: have things made by people earning a dollar a day, build where it is cheapest. If Western people won't work for less, replace them with automation. Then, it is access to a market of a Billion people that makes it worth selling in China. Some companies give up their tech, some give up their integrity [ looking at you, Google!]

  • Daniel Gime

    Daniel Gime

     7 days ago

    This video should have as much views as USA national debt

  • Chen Yue

    Chen Yue

     7 days ago

    Yes, China want to be the number one! What’s wrong?