GENIUS LAZY CLEANING HACKS || Easy Cleaning Tips To Clean You Room Fast by 123 GO!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 14, 2019
  • So, it’s cleaning day. If you want to know the way around your most annoying cleaning chores, get a load of these genius, lazy cleaning hacks!

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    Happy cleaning, friends!

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    jazmin diaz

     3 hours ago

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  • Michael Williamson II

    Michael Williamson II

     3 hours ago

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  • Codde Cudjoe

    Codde Cudjoe

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  • Codde Cudjoe

    Codde Cudjoe

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    Fitore Keqmezi

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  • Courtney Evans

    Courtney Evans

     11 hours ago

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  • Courtney Evans

    Courtney Evans

     11 hours ago

    Cool hacks

  • Abdullah Khan

    Abdullah Khan

     11 hours ago

    Great 😚

  • ItsFunneh fan!!!!!! And NorrisNuts fan!!!!!

    ItsFunneh fan!!!!!! And NorrisNuts fan!!!!!

     11 hours ago

    4:54 disgusting her mouth is opened with food in her mouth!GROSS

  • Katrina Whitmore

    Katrina Whitmore

     12 hours ago

    Awesome 😎 can’t wait to try❤️👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻comments🤗

  • Lavinia Deollos

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  • Meggie NguyenSmith

    Meggie NguyenSmith

     12 hours ago

    4:14 why can’t you just get a dishwasher

  • Aalanah covington

    Aalanah covington

     13 hours ago

    i be lazy all the time these life hacks are great

  • Gacha_Wolfie


     14 hours ago

    Why she takes a bath on camera

  • Sri Endang Mulyani

    Sri Endang Mulyani

     21 hours ago

    good job

  • Nandanee Sewpal

    Nandanee Sewpal

     21 hours ago +9

    Who is watching it on bed ??
    Like if you are on bed

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    Sang Ching


    How could you waste toothpaste😢