Andy Serkis Breaks Down His Motion Capture Performances | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 24, 2017
  • ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ star Andy Serkis is the world’s greatest motion capture performer. His abilities are so in-demand that much of the technology behind motion capture has evolved along with his performances. Andy breaks down some of the major moments of his career along with how the filmmaking tools have changed alongside it.

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    Andy Serkis Breaks Down His Motion Capture Performances | WIRED
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  • Cboy Gaming

    Cboy Gaming

     13 hours ago +1

    Rip ceasar

  • b0sse


     16 hours ago

    Best actor of all time.

  • Clare Flattery

    Clare Flattery

     17 hours ago

    Does more than the average actor. Deserved to be honored for all he has done for the industry!

  • Hamza Tahir

    Hamza Tahir

     17 hours ago

    He is a genius. Not as famous as he deserves to be but I guess he doesn’t care.

  • David Goodwin

    David Goodwin

     18 hours ago

    I liked him finally getting to play a person in black panther lol

  • SparklE VideO

    SparklE VideO

     19 hours ago

    Anyone think they should rig Jeremy Clarkson as the orangutang

  • Cameron Din

    Cameron Din

     22 hours ago

    Add Theresa May to this

  • Rostyslav Pron

    Rostyslav Pron


    The odd thing is he is not just a motion capture actor. In a traditional roles Serkis also preforms outstandingly, yet his talents are still overlooked.

  • Zarith Zainol

    Zarith Zainol


    before watching this vid i got a 12 second unskippable ad WTF also Love you Andy Serkis




    What is the right course for something like this??? Editing, Motion Capture, Etc.




    I dont understand why they always choose Andy for motion capture, can someone explain it to me?

  • Hinarf Narfy

    Hinarf Narfy

     2 days ago

    Andy serkis looks like someone gave up strangling a baby just right before it was too late.

  • Em Davies

    Em Davies

     2 days ago


  • Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo

     2 days ago

    This man is very underrated!

  • Jennifer's truecolors

    Jennifer's truecolors

     2 days ago

    Woah! I had no idea that Andy Serkis was King Kong!

  • Samantha vd G

    Samantha vd G

     2 days ago +2

    This is the first time...I hear his normale voice. So deep...

  • Tahiri Perera

    Tahiri Perera

     2 days ago

    A God.



     2 days ago

    I think the OSCAR did NOT see this video...littery a video of Andy Serkis saying " what the F* Oscar " ? 
    The ACTOR PERFORMANCE IS THE ACTOR PERFORMANCE with a motion suit or without a motion suit!!!!
    The Godfather of Motion Capture Performance should win one for best performance of CAESAR

  • Rictus Metallicus

    Rictus Metallicus

     2 days ago

    Thisss man is preciousssssssss.
    Whatever he will play in his further career, he will forever be Gollum

  • Finding the Adventure

    Finding the Adventure

     2 days ago