How 'The Lion King' Remake Was Animated | Movies Insider

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 29, 2019
  • “The Lion King” remake brought the beloved 1994 animated classic into 2019 with a mix of CGI animation and live-action filming techniques. We talked to Elliot Newman of MPC Film about creating fur, building environments, and creating characters like Rafiki and Scar, as well as how cast members like Donald Glover, Billy Eichner, and Seth Rogen got to perform in an incredibly unique set-up.

    Thank you to MPC Film. Check more of their work out here:

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    How 'The Lion King' Remake Was Animated | Movies Insider
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  • Ramesh Draksharapu

    Ramesh Draksharapu

     2 days ago

    This not an animal abuse, they recorded it with hidden camera while the story is actually happening.

  • PapierPanierPiano


     2 days ago +2

    the remake is perfect except they forgot one crucial thing:

    the soul

  • PapierPanierPiano


     2 days ago +2

    the remake is perfect except they forgot one crucial thing...:

    the soul.

  • George Hodgen

    George Hodgen

     2 days ago

    Yes years of animating to make animal planet

  • Oz


     2 days ago

    So this is the company that the BBC must have hired to secretly animate parts of their "smallest cat in the world" video

  • Nichole Agatha Lasam

    Nichole Agatha Lasam

     3 days ago

    Can these people get an award??

  • Balaporte Jean

    Balaporte Jean

     4 days ago +1

    that's so great
    great work
    Jesus loves you
    Believe in him and repent !

  • Naresh Mali

    Naresh Mali

     6 days ago

    This movie is so realastic my 5 year niece thought it was a discovery Channel

  • Kynan


     7 days ago

    Imagine if they do 'The Land Before Time' in the same way. I would die of happiness

  • Shiela Sison

    Shiela Sison

     7 days ago

    I don't care what others say I JUST LOVE THE MOVIE. Thank you for this.

  • meme is life

    meme is life

     7 days ago +1

    well shit, i thought they trained all them animals and paid them big time



     7 days ago +1


  • Jason Honingford

    Jason Honingford

     7 days ago

    Looks like a transgender render! A 2D drawing with a penis looks odd, but when it's this realistic, why can't they just add a little tuft of fur for the testis and penis!

  • Art Gutierrez

    Art Gutierrez

     7 days ago

    If I wanted to watch real-looking emotionless animals, I would rather watch an Animal Planet documentary. This was just an inferior shameless cash grab of the 1994 animated masterpiece.

  • Linnipinne01


     7 days ago

    This is why people should appreciate this movie more. Because the creator did so much to make it look realistic and we should applaud for them for doing that, they did a very amazing job with this movie

  • Kieran Jones

    Kieran Jones

     7 days ago

    0:21 tells you exactly why the movie wasn't good. Hyperrealism. They removed all suspension of disbelief, going so realistic, the lions have nothing artistic about them. Real lions actually look like they have personality. Use their example of Scar. Scar was the furthest from reality, but still worked. Push reality, its CGI - you can do anything.

  • baby gurl jayjay

    baby gurl jayjay

     14 days ago

    Now I wanna watch the original

  • Real Noob

    Real Noob

     14 days ago

    thanks to thousands of low paid and over worked Indian and Asian workers .

  • CQ SH*T

    CQ SH*T

     14 days ago

    the only good thing in the movie, the CGI

  • culturejam


     14 days ago