♪ DEADPOOL 2 THE MUSICAL - Animated Parody Song

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  • Animated music video parody of the movie "Deadpool 2"
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    Movie Musicals #42: Deadpool 2 The Musical
    After Vanessa's death, Wade Wilson goes through a state of musical depression, until Colossus literally picks up the pieces and recruits Wade as an X-Men trainee along with Negasonic Teenage Warhead in an attempt to help a disgruntled fat boy named Russel "Firefist".

    ►Script, Song, Vocals & Animation: Lhugueny
    ►Domino Vocals and Co-producer: WDi_40


    Since the last movie I’ve been rampaging in h**ker heels,
    Killing mobsters in the clubs, halting illegal deals.
    'Til I p***ed off a guy hiding in a panic room,
    He came back and shot Vanessa, put her in a tomb.

    I tried to blow myself up, s*****e,
    But Colossus picked me back up piece by piece.
    Recruited me to join up with the X-Men crew,
    Calm a little fat kid, try to keep the peace...

    Claims he was abused, tortured, emotions r***d,
    I tried to free his flaming a**, they yelled “incarcerate!”

    Why Deadpool!?
    Oh Deadpool!

    Now we’re doing time. These collars block our powers,
    'Til Cable comes in blasting us just like a bullet shower.

    Help Deadpool!
    Please Deadpool!

    What’s his deal, this clown-like freak?
    Trying to stop me from revenge for my family.
    Like the Terminator, traveled back through time,
    To kill this dumb kid to protect mine.

    Domino, I dominate because I am lucky,
    Form part of Deadpool’s new team, all he really needs is me.
    Parachute down to the convoy and I hijack it,
    Fighting Cable by myself cause I don’t give a s***.

    Fat kid Russell Firefist helped Juggernaut escape,
    And then he ripped Deadpool into two halves.
    They set off to the orphanage to get revenge,
    Now it’s up to us to go and stop their wrath.

    Please don’t kill the kid. I know, you’re mad at him,
    But if you give me time to talk to him, I’ll stop his sins.

    D*** Deadpool!
    Fine Deadpool!

    Colossus save me, will you battle Juggernaut tonight?
    We need a motive to have an expensive CG fight.


    (c) 2018 LHUGUENY
  • Source: https://youtu.be/DgAgnWc-XZE