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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 24, 2017
  • A Christmas themed musical summary of "Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi"
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    Written by WDi_40
    Produced by Lhugueny
    Special thanks to Lucasfilm and Disney


    Flew the Falcon all the way,
    To an island where the Jedi texts lay,
    I don’t care about the saber,
    Why in God's name did you throw it off the bloody cliff?
    I just want you to come with me,
    Read the texts of the force tree,
    Make my vision come true,
    All I want for Christmas is Luke.

    Oooohhhh baby!

    Rey showed up, uninvited,
    She made me feel so divided.
    Memories that weren’t so sweet,
    Tried to kill Ben in his sleep.
    I just want to eat big fish,
    Drink green milk from monsters’ t***.
    I won’t leave, I’ll stay,
    All I want is for Rey to go away.

    Get outta here!

    Rule the galaxy, that’s all I wish for,
    Just need to convert that little wh***,
    We’re connected, she’s as dark as me
    Take her to be my prisoner so she’ll see
    Had to slice Snoke in two halves,
    Wrecked his disfigured greedy a**.
    General Hux, he is always,
    Useless, weak and in my way.

    Fly my new army to fight,
    The Resistance, be their plight.
    Even if it takes a nuke,
    All I want for Christmas, is to kill Luke.

    On a mission,
    To protect my old friend Rey.
    But this mechanic girl Rose,
    She got in the way.
    We infiltrated,
    The First Order ship.
    Took out Phasma,
    Then we crashed back
    Into the Resistance base!
    Oh yeah! Oh baby!

    Barely had an ounce of Force,
    ‘Till I started getting h***.
    Forty years of doing b***,
    Gave me powers, made me fly.

    That's some good s***

    I just want to win the fight,
    Against the First Order,
    Do what’s right.
    Make my vision come true,
    All I want for Christmas is Luke.

    Oooohhhh baby!

    And my parents’ names,
    And the significance of my power,
    And how I can mind message Ben,
    And who this hottie Poe is...

    (c) 2017 Lhugueny
  • Source: https://youtu.be/DcGFCsKfMC8