Chicago Cubs Benches-Clearing Brawls | Chicago Cubs Historic

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 7, 2016
  • Most recent and known brawls in Chicago Cubs history! Thank you for all the support! Post any suggestions for future videos in the comments. The Cubs' Playoff Hype video will be out this weekend!

    I do not own any of the following clips. All rights to MLB. I am not making any money from this video.
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  • DEEZAL !

    DEEZAL !

     3 days ago

    Arrieta bitched out!

  • Luis Zuñiga

    Luis Zuñiga

     5 days ago

    jajaja ese Rodríguez es de los que agarrenme por que lo mato jajaja y lo sueltan y pide que lo detengan jajaja

  • Luis Zuñiga

    Luis Zuñiga

     5 days ago

    las peleas del beisbol son como peleas de cantina, mucho grito y bla bla bla y nada de golpes

  • Shane Franks

    Shane Franks

     14 days ago

    Too many annoying adverts... shame really

  • David Jones

    David Jones

     14 days ago

    Kyle Farnsworth went straight though Wilson like he was a big ass pillow. lol

  • gr8dfender


     21 days ago

    19 minutes for basically one good punch by Cubs catcher Barratt.
    Save time and watch the best baseball punch ever thrown. Odor blasting Buttista.
    Couldn't have happened to nicer guy. Or bigger jackass.🤛

  • satyagraha a

    satyagraha a

     21 days ago +1

    Chapman just got tagged for life by Altuve

  • Willy Wonka

    Willy Wonka

     21 days ago +1

    4:29 Bryant immediately goes to get Rizzo... good’oh friends..

  • chief


     21 days ago

    God baseball so boring.... almost worst than golf

  • Fred Benson

    Fred Benson

     28 days ago

    Since the Cubs were owned by the Tribune Company, I think Tribune would be arrogant enough to have their players brawl against other teams...Tribune possibly was the laughingstock of the city for their team not winning championships, as well as the Zambrano-Barrett fist fight from 2007. Tribune must be very happy that Zambrano and Barrett were brawling, and to go along with their journalists, the fight between the two Cubs players was another great moment for the Tribune Company, which is now owned by Nexstar Media Group.

  • lucas julino

    lucas julino

     1 months ago

    eu odeio o refrigerante FYS

  • Robert Grayson

    Robert Grayson

     1 months ago +1

    Eagle landed on his noise lmmfao15:06

  • Chris L

    Chris L

     1 months ago

    too much ego not enough talent.

  • ozsmoke420


     1 months ago

    I love baseball as much as anyone. But for a bunch of big tough guys they sure are sensitive. I understand going after a pitcher for intentionally hitting u. But smartass gestures isn’t worth a $20 million dollar player breaking an ankle.

  • ozsmoke420


     1 months ago

    Don’t hold me back! Wait hold me back! Baseball fights

  • eric brown

    eric brown

     1 months ago

    Harper is in like half of these

  • innoutraged


     1 months ago

    After the second brawl in this video, on the next pitch Jake Arrieta stole second base.

  • The Jew Makes the save

    The Jew Makes the save

     1 months ago

    Cubs are gay

  • will Samy

    will Samy

     1 months ago

    Now i hate baseball 👎🏻

  • Andrew Dutler

    Andrew Dutler

     1 months ago

    Although the teams from the early 1990s were never particularly good (and oftentimes pretty bad), as a Cubs fan my favorite announcing combination came from the era of the Blas Minor-Mark Grace incident at the end of this video. Harry and Steve Stone in the first through third innings, Steve and Thom Brennaman in the fourth through sixth and then back to Steve and Harry for the seventh through the ninth. Brings back great memories.