Meet The Mole People Living Beneath the Las Vegas Strip

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 17, 2019
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    I went underground to learn about the community of homeless people who live in sewer tunnels beneath the Las Vegas strip.

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  • Alannah Almeda

    Alannah Almeda

     44 minutes ago

    lmao i really thought this was some sort of parody of "Us" as first

  • fourty7


     2 hours ago +1

    She fucked her life up for love

  • Danette Garcia

    Danette Garcia

     5 hours ago +1

    They have a whole damn house in a tunnel, and it's cleaner than my room too tf

  • Wild Sharkboy

    Wild Sharkboy

     7 hours ago

    "girls hiding from pimps" holy shit this is so sad....we have so many empty places we could house ppl if greed weren't such a problem

  • Shane O

    Shane O

     8 hours ago

    How do they see?? Lol just use flashlights all day? That’s annoying AF

  • frodo baggins

    frodo baggins

     8 hours ago

    I just want y'all to know that I'm selling pigeons.

  • Emmburla


     9 hours ago

    Better roommates than mine. 😪

  • Bryan Schumacker

    Bryan Schumacker

     11 hours ago

    Don reminds me of Benicio Del Toro from Fear and Loathing

  • T.


     11 hours ago

    I used to live there

  • T.


     11 hours ago

    The harbor island

  • K Dub

    K Dub

     12 hours ago

    I lived on Las Vegas Blvd and on Eastern in Henderson and never knew or heard of the mole people. There were always homeless people especially for towards the old strip at Fremont St. I remember this one guy who had no arms and no legs and use to hang out in front of Harrah's across from Ceaser's I would always throw him a little money. I really wish the best for all the people down there who are actually good people and just down on their luck without family, addicted etc... It's sad af to see a war vet without legs in that situation yet our military gets 900 billion a year,smh.

  • Ronald McFondle

    Ronald McFondle

     13 hours ago

    Those are not sewers. They are storm drains/ flood control channels. Oh but those terms don't sell headlines, do they??

  • To st

    To st

     14 hours ago

    Like Big Brother

  • d c

    d c

     18 hours ago

    To be a gambling addict the crackhouse is in your brain. It’s rough

  • Urvesh Vasani

    Urvesh Vasani

     20 hours ago

    14:55 shut the fuck up torch bitch stop feeding his addiction you asshole

  • Chris Lange

    Chris Lange

     20 hours ago

    handed them them 20's



     21 hours ago

    People are scared of people with nothing when they should be scared of people with too much stuff. Society is so dumb

  • Shamik Sharma

    Shamik Sharma

     22 hours ago

    I thought it's a vice documentary. Then realised, they have gone the shit way

  • ElfNet Designs

    ElfNet Designs

     22 hours ago

    How old is this because in 2014 they gated and labeled most of the tunnels off so people cannot get into them.

  • SPACE man

    SPACE man

     22 hours ago

    War breaks people
    Glory to a contry in exchange for lives
    We really making the world a better place