Terry Crews's GOLDEN BUZZER Week | America's Got Talent 2019 | Part 2 | Auditions | Top Talent



  • 69K subs w/o any video

    69K subs w/o any video

     1 months ago +652

    The tequila guy killed me... how he couldn't laugh and kept his confused face

  • Dan


     1 months ago +233

    Simon: looks at boy cheering for shirtless terry
    Boy: stops

  • Lord_Gandhi


     1 months ago +349

    Judges: Welcome to America’s got talent what’s your name?
    Contestant: growing up was very hard I was bullied and half of my family has passed away.
    Judges: Um... Sorry to hear that, but what is your name?
    Contestant: Did I mention I also have cancer?
    Judge hits golden buzzard

  • Scorpion the ninja from hell

    Scorpion the ninja from hell

     14 days ago +84

    16:29 look at this dude, oh oh no no no
    Look at his eyes!

  • Pooya Pkz

    Pooya Pkz

     1 months ago +113

    -Henta, like the virus
    Audience : Ewwwwww
    Simon : she's very cute
    Audience : AAAWWWWWWWWW

  • Lucas Féres

    Lucas Féres

     1 months ago +837

    Terry Crews on AGT? He's everywhere lol, but i love him.

  • Kayy Ee

    Kayy Ee

     1 months ago +118

    Tequila was the funniest audition it's crazy how he does nothing but says tequila 😂😂😂

  • Ifxifcif F fic

    Ifxifcif F fic

     1 months ago +96

    Terry: “you are that man sir”
    Terry:”but not today”
    presses the X

  • Nadia LeCamel

    Nadia LeCamel

     21 days ago +72

    * a guy* TEQUILA

  • Hashley Maglalang

    Hashley Maglalang

     1 months ago +97

    @32:17 it's like a cut scene in a call of duty game

  • Tomas Raju

    Tomas Raju

     1 months ago +50

    I cried when terry started crying.😪 so sweet

  • Andreas Var

    Andreas Var

     1 months ago +206

    Girls locker room: uhg i cant believe miranda got with zack
    Boys locker room: 10:49

  • ちゃんNanami


     7 days ago +56

    Cards At The Ground
    Janitor : Darn it.
    Golden Buzzer
    Janitor : God Damn it.

  • Francisco Lopes

    Francisco Lopes

     1 months ago +64

    Ok, so no one will mention the guitar guy? He is AMAZING!!!!!

  • Michael Mcshadow

    Michael Mcshadow

     1 months ago +22

    Other contestants did their best to get 4 yeses!!
    Tequila man:Tequila is enough!!

  • David Reez

    David Reez

     5 days ago +2

    That mortal Kombat dudes have been on Asia's got talent before with literally the same performance

  • Awang Lunghu

    Awang Lunghu

     14 days ago +78

    I didn't expect to get four yes to that Taquila guy. What just happen 😢
    And the last girl sang so well.

  • Alfonso Pérez

    Alfonso Pérez

     1 months ago +53

    How dare you scroll through the comments while there are beautiful performances in session?!?!?

  • Mizzy Links TV

    Mizzy Links TV

     1 months ago +149

    Who else is scrolling down to see comments on tequila guy 😅

  • amdragon722am


     1 months ago +108

    Simon look at that kid at 10:44 and he's like "ok you right I'll stop cheering"