PVC Rocket Launcher & Pool Noodle Rockets

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 26, 2018
  • Today we're building a PVC Rocket Launcher and foam rockets to go with it!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/DQ8-XiegICk


  • Hyrule Ninja

    Hyrule Ninja

     28 days ago

    Rest In Peace king of random

    1980 - 2019

  • FlyMIfYouGotM


     3 months ago

    since WD40 is petroleum based it will almost definitely degrade the "O" ring over time. There is something I have used on plungers like this for about 40 years and have never had an "O" ring to fail. Original formula Preparation H! You got it, the hemorrhoid treatment jelly in a tube. This stuff absolutely does not attack rubber parts and is not water soluble so it won't wash away which makes it great for squirt guns. I have used it on the "O" rings for one of those paint sticks and have never had to replace an "O" ring because Preparation H also seems to prevent oxidation of the rubber. Don't try Petroleum Jelly because it, like WD40, is also petroleum based.



     3 months ago

    Make cardboard full body armor with pool noodle foam as padding. Make it durable enough to resist at least 20 rounds of the giant alcohol powered cannon. I'd rather use solid panels instead of corragulated cardboard. It must effectively cover your whole body.

  • HeraldsGamer 1912

    HeraldsGamer 1912

     4 months ago

    A giant Nerf slingshot shoots Giant NErf darts

  • Liam The Potato

    Liam The Potato

     5 months ago

    I have a suggestion you guys should make an amazon or other store shopping list online and make that accessible to us to get online or make a list stating all the materials you use on your projects.

  • Aldrin Thomas

    Aldrin Thomas

     5 months ago

    you know that tube that you fit the noodle into

    why don't you put a marble into it and turn it into an airgun?

  • Aljan Vivar

    Aljan Vivar

     5 months ago

    Now I can shoot people at my pool.

  • Kennedy-Grace White

    Kennedy-Grace White

     8 months ago

    6:57 dat face do

  • sumreen usman

    sumreen usman

     8 months ago

    Very nice Nat your very super awesome

  • Narendra Gunawan

    Narendra Gunawan

     8 months ago

    Might make one, and take it to a nerf war

  • Caleb Leidy

    Caleb Leidy

     9 months ago

    Id run that in a war

  • Quintin VanBooven

    Quintin VanBooven

     10 months ago

    Why was ABS needed?

  • Nicky Meddings

    Nicky Meddings

     10 months ago

    Wheres grant

  • Matthew Kinnunen

    Matthew Kinnunen

     11 months ago

    6:57 when my parents see my grades. 🤣

  • maddala prasadbabu

    maddala prasadbabu

     11 months ago

    hey nate why do y use blades use the styro slicer

  • Noah Wilson

    Noah Wilson

     11 months ago

    nice drum solo! :)

  • get rekt scrub 420

    get rekt scrub 420

     11 months ago

    People with dirty mind

  • Tony Simons

    Tony Simons

     a years ago

    Curses, you guys beat me to it...I have some ideas to expand upon this with some ideas from a kip-kay project. I like this build for a hand held option.

  • Jelly squid29

    Jelly squid29

     a years ago

    Could you do more Lego puzzle boxes?

  • Andrew Hicks

    Andrew Hicks

     a years ago

    11:54 wtf is that face😂😂😂😂 like fr he think he’s holding a weapon of mass destruction