No time to fool around - Mathieu Larose-Sabourin

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 9, 2012
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    No time to fool around "Pas l'temps de niaiser"
    Here is a compilation of some summer (2012) clips from Math (the guy with the glasses). It was a realy good year for him. A lot of new tricks flips combos KONG GAINER DASH BOMB DOUBLE FLYAWAY and more! Dont be shy to share like and subscribe for more! Tell us what do you think about this video

    Audio : Daft Punk's Derezzed Remix By Nex
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  • Bob Marley

    Bob Marley

     2 months ago

    Wow bro talent honestly of your ever chased by the police or a police dog they ain't getting close to you lol

  • pokedigger_BOO Conway

    pokedigger_BOO Conway

     5 months ago

    Man you should spider man

  • Marilu Flores

    Marilu Flores

     4 years ago

    KING OF PARKOUR!!!!!!!!

  • Jacques Krause

    Jacques Krause

     4 years ago

    He's owning it.

  • Brenden Jones

    Brenden Jones

     5 years ago

    0:31 oh my god man. thats ridiculous aha

  • Pathos


     5 years ago

    you guys are french

  • Sir Mangler

    Sir Mangler

     5 years ago

    True nerd power. Never mess with nerds.

  • tsrhedsdamashii44


     5 years ago


  • I'd Rather Be Free Running

    I'd Rather Be Free Running

     5 years ago

    Sooooooo gooooooddd!

  • Ktown Traceur

    Ktown Traceur

     5 years ago

    Where are you guys based so we can come visit!!

  • Friendz Parkour Family

    Friendz Parkour Family

     6 years ago

    Super vidéo gars

  • EmilTorge


     6 years ago

    I have totally missed out on all of your videos. I remember seeing you a loooooooong time ago, thinking you were okay at parkour, then i didn't look at your videos til now. Damnit you guys have improved! xD You are waaaay beyond my level now. WTF HAPPENED? haha :P

  • bogdan tranca

    bogdan tranca

     6 years ago

    Génial tros fort mec ;) ;)

  • Justin Evans

    Justin Evans

     6 years ago


  • Michael Armstrong

    Michael Armstrong

     6 years ago

    What the he is just what the how do you jump so far

  • Therebornprojectboss


     6 years ago

    Dude ur awesome

  • ander errijota

    ander errijota

     6 years ago

    0:36 lol /QUEM Q DO BRASIL da joinha AE

  • PvPNoJoke


     6 years ago

    Omg il et fort

  • shams eldeen

    shams eldeen

     6 years ago

    awesome video fshe5

  • NitroParkour


     6 years ago

    I'm a french Canadian.