Why 2D Mario Needs Cappy

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 19, 2018
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  • Alexander Stelzig

    Alexander Stelzig

     4 days ago

    how about not just hit-points but power-ups lost on hit that give you extra health, a bonus for playing well but not instant death if your bad i know you said we don't need power-ups and stuff like that but i like them as long as you don't do what super mario galaxy did to flowers i really like having those but a 2-D odyssey would also be awsome

  • Diego Sanchez

    Diego Sanchez

     6 days ago +1


  • Bendy 777

    Bendy 777

     14 days ago


  • RayZXook


     14 days ago

    One point i strongly agree on is the art style, i mean, Every game until New SMB had their own unique style, it was fun and memorable, and basically the thing that makes Mario maker so great, every game after NSMB DS looks the same but more HD, i couldn't tell the difference between any of the 5 or 4 games if it wasn't for the resolution.
    Nintendo is just going safe at this point, they know that these designs are well recognized, sell well and won't be as criticized as a new art style that people would complain and make fun of for a couple of months before accepting it.
    I honestly love the SMW art style the most, it brings me so many good memories too, i wish they changed the art style once again at least

  • Bunny


     14 days ago

    A example of a upgrade is a time extention for example

  • King Peepa

    King Peepa

     21 days ago

    Mario maker 2 oddesey style?

  • Henry Franklin

    Henry Franklin

     21 days ago

    Cappy in super Mario maker. Imagine that...

  • Wilbo Baggins

    Wilbo Baggins

     21 days ago

    I feel like 2D Mario is good because it’s simple and 3D Mario is good because it’s more complex so if you add 3D elements to 2D, it just gets a bit crowded.

  • Donovan Lewis

    Donovan Lewis

     21 days ago

    And no we dont need difficulty settings. Its dumb, and would cause controversy between people that just suck, and people that are decent/good.

  • Donovan Lewis

    Donovan Lewis

     21 days ago

    I disagree COMPLETELY. 2D mario games have enemies that are easier to avoid than in 3D mario games because of controlling a 3D character using a joystick with eight main directions. This was why extra hit points are in 3D mario. Also, upgrades? Its not smart for the fact of how it would allow skipping major segments of levels, and I would find that there would be no point in that besides making the game easier for yourself. And no, i dont think that the system of multiple stars in levels is dumb, i actually like that! Only problems with that, is displaying it in a 2D game. And either way, i like the formula for 2D mario games more than i could have been now. Now, Cappy. It would be nice for Cappy to not be an overused character/companion like Toad, and instead be a character exclusive to mario odyssey, because he fits in that game like a glove! The kingdoms in odyssey were designed around Cappy being used, and its the exact opposite for 2D mario. And then there is also POWERUPS. If Cappy were in 2D mario, What would happen if you got a powerup? Would the powerup override cappy? Or would it be a seperate button? And if so, which button?! I also dont think that fans would like to play 2D mario with these features, because it is completely new to the 2D mario games! Fans will most likely not like this new formula of 2D mario and want the original mario side-scroller back. If im heard by Nathanial Bandy, i hope he understands my points for why 2D mario, (though i agree for harder bosses) should stay the same and not have much permanent change.
    Thank you

  • LoOgI


     1 months ago

    1:48 Nintendo ya suuuuuure

  • ahmed54g


     1 months ago


  • Lol Troll

    Lol Troll

     1 months ago

    We need space In. 2d mario

  • daryn collins

    daryn collins

     1 months ago

    Me looking at the video being like cool there is back that is a 2r Mario game with daily then realize what it is

  • Hunter the sock

    Hunter the sock

     1 months ago

    This must happen

  • Shadow Fang48

    Shadow Fang48

     1 months ago

    sorry bro
    i have to disagree. cappy is special to Odyssey. adding that to 2D mario games would make it broken. adding cappy to 2D mario is like adding f.l.u.u.d. to 2D mario. it sounds cool at first but it makes the original game not special and then it ends up being a bad game.

    however don’t let this put you down. i still love you content but sometimes some ideas don’t work

  • AncientNinjask


     1 months ago

    Nathaniel: gives a bunch of interesting and good ideas for gameplay

    Nintendo: ...

    Nintendo: Hey! Let's port that one New Super Mario Bros. game that nobody played to the Nintendo Switch and pretend it's a new game... also give this man a copyright strike for talking about our games.

  • Avi Pacheco

    Avi Pacheco

     1 months ago

    What if the koopa capture would let you switch between the four types of koopa colors, green, red, yellow, and blue, giving you their respective abilities from Super Mario World.

  • The default Gamer

    The default Gamer

     1 months ago

    New super Mario odyssey

  • Guest Account

    Guest Account

     1 months ago +1

    Was that a SMM2 prediction?