Best Moments From The Lewandowski Hearing

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 17, 2019
  • Don't want to lose 3 hours? Here's what you missed from the Lewandowski hearings
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  • Oscar Grouch

    Oscar Grouch

     4 hours ago

    These democrats are straight up agents of hell

  • Mista Ness

    Mista Ness

     9 hours ago +1


  • John Nino

    John Nino

     13 hours ago

    This is actually really funny 😂

  • Craig Hallam

    Craig Hallam

     16 hours ago

    Love his G gordon liddy speech in the middle of the proceedings it would be great if he would stand up and suck on a revolver for his official Lewandowski Hero shot

  • Delta Blue

    Delta Blue

     21 hours ago

    Congress gets owned again.

  • Andrew Vajda

    Andrew Vajda

     23 hours ago

    Jackson Lee is and and idiot moron

  • Dragan Atanasov

    Dragan Atanasov

     23 hours ago

    These idiots have nothing on Trump.

  • David Doyle, Jr.

    David Doyle, Jr.


    Wow. Taxpayers' time being shamelessly wasted.

  • Kevster 100

    Kevster 100


    This circus is like our parliament in the UK, these clowns tie themselves in knots with the minutia and fuck all comes out of it. No commercial business could run this way.

  • Andrew Vajda

    Andrew Vajda


    Great job by Corey

  • Andrew Vajda

    Andrew Vajda


    Jackson is a Moron

  • georgiamule



    Now you don’t have to wonder anymore why nothing get done in Congress.

  • Mark Irwin

    Mark Irwin


    Bring on the asteroid ☄️

  • Val Plush

    Val Plush


    This is INDEED SWAMP of fallen idiotic, demonic black angels........I cannot believe this is an intelligent group......this garbage DOES NOT REPRESENT ME!!!!!

  • Val Plush

    Val Plush



  • Firas Francis

    Firas Francis

     yesterday +1

    The video should be named ..
    The fallen jokers of the Demo-c-rats ..

  • Chris West

    Chris West


    Who farted

  • happy bob

    happy bob


    So basally the lying fuck Nadler knew EXACTLY which part of the report down to the actual paragraph & line numbers were being referenced.

  • Calbenmike



    Lewandowski blasting Jackson Lee was glorious.

  • Farming the Mitten

    Farming the Mitten


    Demorats are such a huge joke! LMFAO what a party these clowns make. Anyone dumb enough to believe in these people is also a special kind of stupid.