The Break with Michelle Wolf | FULL EPISODE - How Dare You!? | Netflix



  • javier l

    javier l

     a years ago +11

    Hey Netflix you should add (marvels cloak and dagger)

  • Vivek


     a years ago +64

    Wow, Netflix posting full episodes on YouTube. No one's watching them lol 😂😂😂😂

  • red fury91

    red fury91

     a years ago +11

    That’s right Netflix, you might as well post this crap on YouTube for free because that’s the only way you’ll get people to watch ginger Seth Myers in a dress. only problem is that he’s not funny either

  • scapegoht


     a years ago +3

    She even has an irritating voice. Netflix is making a biiiig mistake by keeping her around lol

  • Jasper F

    Jasper F

     a years ago +77

    It's like nobody's watching it on Netflix

  • dfskdf


     a years ago +2

    Damn, so many haters going on just to down-vote. Rotten tomatoes gives a 73% from critics...

  • Carlos Henrique1

    Carlos Henrique1

     a years ago +2

    Queremos mais episódios de Naruto Shippuden dublado

  • cool cat777777777

    cool cat777777777

     a years ago

    The only time I laughed was when I read comments hating on the show.
    Edit: You never, NEVER, yell "kidding!" while doing a stand up! Everyone knows you're joking!

  • The Bezzopulus

    The Bezzopulus

     a years ago +2

    I don't even understand what this is. A spoof?

  • at bl

    at bl

     a years ago +18

    I only watched this out of morbid curiosity

  • Lone Star

    Lone Star

     a years ago +1

    I don't care about abortion. But she is right about one thing. People who claim to be pro-life are hypocrites

  • Mary G

    Mary G

     a years ago +4

    Watch this. This is new groundbreaking comedy. Don't take my word for it. Just take a chance.

  • Black Parade

    Black Parade

     a years ago +2

    They even posting full episodes now... Stop promoting her. She. Is. Not. Funny.

  • CalebGoKrazy


     a years ago +2

    She so dang annoying

  • L Wayne

    L Wayne

     a years ago

    Netflix don’t upload this

  • Drummerjake


     a years ago +1

    To everyone who comes here when they already know they don't like the show.....they got ya! Netflix is laughing at you.

  • pop hoi

    pop hoi

     a years ago

    Is this Trae Young mom

  • Shuhei Hisagi

    Shuhei Hisagi

     a years ago

    she kinda of needs a new writer, and I liked her better on Trevor Noah

  • kassie the fucking fish

    kassie the fucking fish

     a years ago

    How do you get pro life and anti women in the same sentence.

  • Jeffery C

    Jeffery C

     a years ago +1

    Truth, and with everyone having a smartphone... it is making US get smart wethere WE want to or not... like any good parent does to keep there children safe from thing they don't know will hurt them. ffs.