TWICE "The Best Thing I Ever Did(올해 제일 잘한 일)" M/V



  • Nur Baran

    Nur Baran

     3 months ago +2037

    Who is Myoui Mina fan???
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  • Dewi Nuraini

    Dewi Nuraini

     2 months ago +3059

    Who is Nayeon fan??
    Mina fan??
    Sana fan??
    Jihyo fan??
    Momo fan??
    Tzuyu fan??
    Dahyun fan??
    Jeongyeon fan??
    Chaeyoung fan??
    Who is TWICE FAN??
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  • Farhan Rabbani

    Farhan Rabbani

     2 months ago +1872

    Who Is Chaeyoung Fan?
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  • Alim Fikri

    Alim Fikri

     2 months ago +887

    Who is All member fan?
    Withouts all, they are not Twice lmao 😄

  • Mariyam Faiha

    Mariyam Faiha

     2 months ago +771

    Who is Mina and Momo's fan?
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  • 유나정모사지미다채쯔


     2 months ago +341

    Twice please renew your contract to jyp. I'm not ready to lose all of you. When the time comes, I will still support you no matter what.

  • ty kthx

    ty kthx

     2 months ago +331

    the special bond between these girls is truly something incredible.

  • Vmin Kook

    Vmin Kook

     2 months ago +156

    I really CRIED.
    I love you TWICE
    I love you ONCE's 💜

  • shin0bi


     2 months ago +373

    This song makes me cry everytime :) It just shows how they will turn out in a few years. Just them reminiscing on the years when they were still together.

  • Fjolla Bora

    Fjolla Bora

     3 months ago +2856

    Who is Tzuyu and Dahyun fan ?
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  • sydney diamond twice are legend

    sydney diamond twice are legend

     2 months ago +282


  • Nayu Park

    Nayu Park

     2 months ago +112

    This song will always remind me how much I love them. To be honest, they're the first and only KPOP group I Stan. Their smiles that is very genuine which I love the most. Their love for eachother and their love for us, and the way ONCEs treasured and love them so dearly, it is actually the best thing that ever happened. I love twice so much and they deserve all the love. 😭😭😭❤

  • Happy Hana

    Happy Hana

     2 months ago +111

    Literally the first seconds of this song get me crying my eyes out. When that happens you know a song is amazing. I just love this song

  • mochi mochi

    mochi mochi

     2 months ago +120

    Dear twice,
    You make me smile
    You make me laugh
    You make me happy
    If I'm sad you make me feel better
    I love you so much, and I will always forever be a once
    Even though some day I will not be here anymore, twice will always be in my heart
    No matter how old or how forgetful I get, I will never forget twice

  • R H

    R H

     1 months ago +137

    Watch this mv and thinking Mina, make me cry 😭😭
    #NineOrNone #NaJeongMoSaJiMiDaChaeTzu 🍭❤️

  • getmeoutalive


     1 months ago +48

    #GetWellSoonMina, no matter how long, we will wait for your recovery, even youre in hiatus, fans will always remember youre still part of TWICE, even newscasters captions their news that TWICE will always be OT9 members, #NineOrNone

  • Sanity Writing

    Sanity Writing

     2 months ago +65

    Twice is successful due to their humility and gratitude towards fans ..
    I'm glad JYP teaches their artists to be humble, honest and respectful!!

  • Chou Tzuyu

    Chou Tzuyu

     1 months ago +137

    Korea's President Moon Jae-in mentioned TWICE in a speech last night promoting Japan-Korea relations, saying that a 3rd hallyu wave is in Japan, and many youths are enthusiastic about TWICE.
    The honour of being acknowledged by the President himself!

  • Isabel Morales

    Isabel Morales

     21 days ago +26

    Who is Tzuyu fan?
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  • JD PCY

    JD PCY

     1 months ago +85

    Who's here after BTS LIGHTS?