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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 13, 2018
  • Happy 500,000....err... 700,000+ subscribers! Sorry for the long video, but I got a lot of life to draw! I hope you like this look into my past and the experiences that made me who I am!


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  • Codey Heslop

    Codey Heslop

     39 minutes ago

    Literally Nobody:
    Not one person on Earth:
    Me: Wish my life was as interesting (sobs on the inside)

  • Leemarn Hamizan

    Leemarn Hamizan

     4 hours ago

    Hey because can you do a video about you playing games

  • Stinger


     8 hours ago

    Nearly two years later another 2 million has been added to this artist. . . amazing

  • Double D

    Double D

     9 hours ago



  • Star Vortex

    Star Vortex

     11 hours ago

    Someone named You starts screaming, "She Noticed me!!"🤭

  • Barb Morton

    Barb Morton

     12 hours ago

    The first video I watched of you was the dress code ban video in 2018 your the best Becca

  • - heikky -

    - heikky -

     14 hours ago


  • pegi peterson

    pegi peterson

     15 hours ago

    I struggle the same way as you on 13:04

  • MidKnight T.E.K

    MidKnight T.E.K

     16 hours ago

    Ed Edd and Eddy is the best Cartoon Network shows besides Samurai Jack

    And I’m so sorry for the negativity and heartaches that you had I do hope things get better because ur a amazing animator and a awesome person

    And this is my favorite video of yours because I can relate to the pain and heartache u went though I do hope things get better for u because there is always a light through the darkness just stay strong Becca because u can do it

  • Benleo Channel

    Benleo Channel

     18 hours ago

    I’ve been watching these videos for a long time but this did I subbed👍😃😀😁😇

  • Benleo Channel

    Benleo Channel

     18 hours ago

    Your so right Cartoon Network is awsome

  • i like toys

    i like toys

     18 hours ago

    every time I watch a video where you're sad I wish I could be there, and give you a big hug.

  • Itz Julia bunny gaming and more

    Itz Julia bunny gaming and more

     20 hours ago

    Omg our b day is on my he same day

  • iansoul


     22 hours ago

    13:30. Im so sorry for your loss.

  • Kal Keivanjah

    Kal Keivanjah


    Seriously I thought that there be more people in the prep school because I go to a prep school and there's 4000 kids there and there's 32 or 33 or 34 kids in a classe room and it's not like year 5 no its like 5a 5b also I love your videos and did not
    mean to be rude or mean.

  • Ian Hawkins

    Ian Hawkins


    I may have severe skin necrosis, a missing ring finger, rotting flesh, cancer, deep lacerations, large chunks of missing flesh and some alien creature assimilating my body, but I'm fine.

  • Joy Cloud

    Joy Cloud


    I go to a prep school right now in England...my parents’ business is breaking down and I have to move to the state school, which would be sad but ok if all the kids from my old school that bullied me because of my sexuality weren’t there and my mum doesn’t know because I can’t come out of the wardrobe. My other three siblings got into a free grammar school, but I failed the test...

  • Amalia 6.4

    Amalia 6.4

     yesterday +1

    oh my god I was born on the 8 of December

  • Elizabeth Bostic

    Elizabeth Bostic


    When I was little people that I was at so I had to do something about it and do you just been doing stuff I don't know what I'm talkin about I'm not really the girl I'm on the picture but I'm a girl so I'm not little girl sitting on my mom's Psy I remember it like it was yesterday let me try to what I'm going to tell you the day okay I was just a little muffin then my mom said to me with a sad actually happy pictures and my dad have another picture but I don't child then so I was just like I don't care so I see that smile smile smile and I smile brighten big but like in then I smile just send big and small and and and I guess I can just tell you my special talent I'm going to do Jingle Bells only using emojis yay let's do it I'll do it and then another text so wait for my text and then I can do it okay by toodaloo bye-bye I can't stop this thing mom help me stop it honey I can't stop it oh it just recorded my whole text

  • Via Pinsino

    Via Pinsino


    Hahah 2 million now you are my fav YouTuber