Tick Sticking, a Carpentry HACK (few people know)

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 15, 2019
  • Little demonstrates how to use a little know tool named a "tick stick or ticking stick". A tick stick is used to quickly and preciously copy and make a pattern of any odd or complicated shape where using a ruler would be challenging. The ticking stick was made popular by boat-builders and is a way of measuring accurately which has been around for centuries.
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Cd2LY857oTY


  • Jonathan Reid

    Jonathan Reid

     2 months ago +1743

    I am a boat builder and we call these sticks "spiling sticks" very similar principle, and it works beautifully, whoever designed this method should be sainted...:)

  • r. michael wilensky

    r. michael wilensky

     2 hours ago

    I never heard about the “ticking stick” and found it very simple but yet able to do very complex shapes. Can it work on curved shapes? If so it would be wonderland to see a video of it. Thanks

  • fruckler bullpit

    fruckler bullpit

     6 hours ago

    I never knew ernie dingo was into carpenting..

  • Robert Mohr

    Robert Mohr

     11 hours ago

    Fine, with straight lines, but how about curved lines?

  • S. White

    S. White

     13 hours ago

    Thank you

  • stevefernandez661


     14 hours ago

    What I can't understand, is why would anybody thumbs down this and if they did why didn't they leave a comment,so weird

  • Mike De La Mater

    Mike De La Mater

     14 hours ago

    Love this

  • Danny mathis

    Danny mathis

     18 hours ago

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  • Terry K

    Terry K


    What an awesome procedure. Totally new idea for me to use. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kevin McKay

    Kevin McKay


    You can back stack a tile or what ever your cutting in just go off the last piece and or the side piece

  • j Groft

    j Groft

     2 days ago

    WoW now I know to much

  • matttylerrrr


     2 days ago

    This just blew my mind . Did Albert Einstein invent this?

  • Rob Chandler

    Rob Chandler

     2 days ago

    Ole dog learned something today, Nice!

  • David Martinsen

    David Martinsen

     2 days ago

    Nice job

  • Noel Hoffmann

    Noel Hoffmann

     2 days ago

    That's cool as hell. Thank you!

  • aldan boston

    aldan boston

     2 days ago

    That tool is pretty sick!!!it works like magic!

  • Adam Love

    Adam Love

     2 days ago

    Is there something like this for curved patterns?

  • Tobias Weber

    Tobias Weber

     2 days ago

    holy sheid this is so smart and simple thanks for that👍

  • Doug Haeussler

    Doug Haeussler

     3 days ago

    Leah, that was brilliant! I have never heard of this tool before. Your explanation was super clear, thanks!

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    shimmy litera

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