TESTING NEW DINOSAUR BEHAVIOURS! | Jurassic World: Evolution Dinosaur Update

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 15, 2018
  • Patch 1.4 didn't only change the size of the dinosaur, but it introduced some new behaviours to make them more realistic and entertaining to watch. In todays video we'll do a little experiment to see if two of them made it through and if they're any good!
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    TESTING NEW DINOSAUR BEHAVIOURS! | Jurassic World: Evolution Dinosaur Update

    It's here, a game 65 million years in the making. Jurassic World: Evolution will let us take control of our own Jurassic Parks in a way never seen before, with a huge range of 42+ dinosaurs including old favourites like the Velociraptor and new monstrous beasts like the Indominus Rex, it's sure to get messy by the end. In this playthrough of Jurassic World Evolution we will complete every mission and 5 star all 5 of The Five Deaths, or just watch as a Spinosaurus eats my guests whole, either or really.

    No swearing, family friendly commentary.

    For Adventure!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/CXlgCkX-dpY


  • Redemption GAMING

    Redemption GAMING

     8 months ago +1

    The INDORAPTOR and indominus kills for sport

  • undead spr4y

    undead spr4y

     11 months ago

    Oh no no

  • blazinfire80 the destroyer

    blazinfire80 the destroyer

     a years ago

    the alpha raptor has to need more attack or well better everything to have the crown or lower raptors will have it that's what I think cause I have seen the crown on a raptor

  • Chris Ellis

    Chris Ellis

     a years ago +2

    indoraptor is a male

  • Predator Rose

    Predator Rose

     a years ago

    when they’re hungry they should hungry when the food bar is half

  • Pootis Animedino79

    Pootis Animedino79

     a years ago

    i feel like the carnivores should prioritize goats and feeders over hunting, its easier food

  • montyke


     a years ago

    You can put 2 spinos in 1 enclosure and they fight but they dont bite each other they just roar

  • henryscp


     a years ago

    i would like to see map editor better terrofirm tools e.g. more accurate or make higer mountains(only with bigger maps) whole map space to build (with mountains not flat)

  • Turboed Kat

    Turboed Kat

     a years ago

    everything I can get my hands on" Well..guess rexy gets nothing.



     a years ago

    We need male and female skins for all the Dino’s but the Indo raptor and Indo minus

  • MythicalEthan


     a years ago

    This update is awesome! There are new cool looking killing ways and not the same one every time like the old version. It’s cool!!

  • kyle hackney

    kyle hackney

     a years ago

    Now what if a dino escapes his Paddock, will it attack people in the park immediately

  • Paleozoic Productions

    Paleozoic Productions

     a years ago

    I remember making a Trike herd vbut they started killing eachother before the patch

  • x6King6x


     a years ago

    We need sea monster, an automatic weather cycle, and more stuff that was in jpog, and have a mode where you can control a dinosaur on a huge island and survive or whatever

  • SnorlaxX420Xx


     a years ago

    Fish AI.

  • Ultimo


     a years ago

    I quit playing because I was tired of dealing with the Raptors constantly breaking out. Has this been patched?

  • Elias Newton

    Elias Newton

     a years ago

    How do I unlock everything he has without spending hours

  • Melon Lord

    Melon Lord

     a years ago

    How would this work with the live feeder? Would they prioritise the goats over dinosaurs?

  • Bluthammer


     a years ago

    the animal behaviours in this game is still so shallow.

  • Demon Uchiha

    Demon Uchiha

     a years ago

    The game still needs Water Dinos,