MLB | Not-So-Serious Baseball | Part 3

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 7, 2019
  • Gotta stay loose during the 162 game grind.

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  • EXE-Edits


     11 months ago +741

    Spring Training is just around the corner!

  • Harold Slick

    Harold Slick

     16 hours ago

    :53 - 2 minutes for diving

  • Topro 4Runner

    Topro 4Runner


    Wow this video Is so lame even baseball highlights are boring

  • Cole Giampi

    Cole Giampi

     2 days ago

    my favorite baseball team is the astros

  • Cole Giampi

    Cole Giampi

     2 days ago

    baseball is the best sport in history

  • Leif Johnson

    Leif Johnson

     2 days ago

    Jose Altuve...part of the Cheating Astros!

  • Connor Gillispie

    Connor Gillispie

     3 days ago

    That dude dumping Gatorade on himself is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen

  • Tyler Leyden

    Tyler Leyden

     7 days ago

    That thumbnail is priceless.. javy giving Puig the No No 🤣

  • kent mclellan

    kent mclellan

     7 days ago

    then you learn HOUSTON AND THE red sucks CHEAT

  • denelson83


     7 days ago

    5:12 - Hey, wrong color of Sox, 8.

  • Cj


     7 days ago +1

    really happening o.o

  • Cody Lafferty

    Cody Lafferty

     7 days ago

    In the first clip, where the hell did the ball hit?

  • Alex Huevera

    Alex Huevera

     7 days ago

    Altuve the CHEATER

  • TRdutch


     7 days ago

    “Puig and his tongue”... 😳

  • John Jay

    John Jay

     14 days ago

    As big of a business as it is, and despite all the pressure on players to deliver personally and as part of a unit, men will always revert back to the simpler days. Days of stickball, high school and kegger softball game pranks. Boys being boys. There will always be a sliver of hilarious immaturity. It's a man's birthright.

  • Ryan


     14 days ago

    That first play looks like an optical illusion.

  • Jacob Wenger

    Jacob Wenger

     14 days ago

    I know how important that hug in the cubs game could’ve been or was, but I mean let boys be boys lol Arenado didn’t seem to mind to much he even gave a little smirk

  • Kirkland Whatley

    Kirkland Whatley

     14 days ago

    just guys being dudes

  • whittery27


     14 days ago

    goddamn at 4:06 hahaha been there, done that back when i played softball. i quit playing catcher after that lol.

  • Hop


     21 days ago

    0:21 -- What DID that hit? It's like it meets an invisible force-field! The ball had some speed on it too, and the players don't even react! LOL