10 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test - part 5



  • srs bsns

    srs bsns

     2 years ago +2553

    Russian Roulette: Every 5th liker's mom gets slapped.

  • GruesomeRose119


     2 years ago +589

    Hi person scrolling through the comments have a good day😀

  • 1 2

    1 2

     2 years ago +142

    i actually love this guy hes so jolly about the smallest things

  • Say HEY if you're GAY

    Say HEY if you're GAY

     2 years ago +241

    I feel bad for the old garlic press...

  • YAZZ1E


     2 years ago +93

    "We're going to get some sugar...now look we have a mountain" 😂😂

  • TheRealDexeN


     2 years ago +2675

    4 in the morning. watching this russian dude testing some garjicks. what am i doing with my life.

  • Seth Jackson: Creator of Cities.

    Seth Jackson: Creator of Cities.

     2 years ago +475

    "Wow I don't have to use my hands."
    - Puts finger in the garlic press to take garlic out.

  • Miya Meyer

    Miya Meyer

     2 years ago +124

    does the garlic presser remind anyone of those things that makes play dough into the things that look like noodles?

  • zach cook

    zach cook

     2 years ago +226

    I'm waiting for the day he accidentally pokes himself in the eye with his safety glasses

  • Alexander Nebel-Rozmus

    Alexander Nebel-Rozmus

     2 years ago +34

    Why does everyone make fun of his English we all know he's Russian. Love your vids by the way

  • Kolonel


     2 years ago +1446

    I sure do love gagdects

  • Dimitra Koutsioumpa

    Dimitra Koutsioumpa

     2 years ago +52

    giant loaf of garlic

  • EON ReigN

    EON ReigN

     2 years ago +21

    3 years later- 10 kitchen gadgets put to the test (part 12,439)

  • Daniel Hill

    Daniel Hill

     2 years ago +30

    I freaking love the way he says onion and potato.

  • dirtbikes and airsoft

    dirtbikes and airsoft

     2 years ago +46

    did anybody else hear him say onion press insted of garlic press. :)

  • Skateboard Nerd

    Skateboard Nerd

     2 years ago +1312

    In Crazy Russian Hacker's old video said that he will make a draw my life if he gets 10,000likes. Now he has 11,000.

  • diana m.

    diana m.

     2 years ago +11

    his life must be REALLY easy with all those gadgets 😂

  • Jaydan Martin

    Jaydan Martin

     2 years ago +21

    The tea one at the top looks like a Beauty blender

  • Poppa


     2 years ago +19

    Somebody should sponsor one of his videos to test gadgets.

  • ziljin


     a years ago +61

    I love the mre and gadjek videos