Paludarium Ecosphere WITH FISH

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 8, 2017

    I would never intentionally put fish in a sealed ecosphere like this, but since I accidentally caught one I might as well.



    In this video I create a Paludarium, which combines aspects of an aquarium (water) and a terrarium (land) into a single display and can potentially host both land and aquatic animals. I'm taking things even further by completely sealing the paludarium off from the outside world inside an airtight container. The intent is to create a completely self sustained ecosystem that recycles nutrients and wastes in order to sustain life inside. The only external input is the solar energy from the sun, which keeps the entire system running.
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  • Henrique Gomes

    Henrique Gomes

     7 days ago

    Nice vid mate, you sure have soy sauce for life xD

  • F Bernabe

    F Bernabe

     7 days ago

    So what happened to the fish?

  • cree


     14 days ago

    that is not a dirt on walls, it's algae, good for snail

  • MrXetios


     14 days ago

    Just a shit-water collection, not even snails to cleab up the glass, do you even know what amphipods and daphnia are?

  • Rex’s Studio

    Rex’s Studio

     14 days ago

    A man of science

  • 片喰弾子


     21 days ago


  • Takaslow !

    Takaslow !

     21 days ago

    This man plays to much rust! Just get a hammer!

  • Raul Rodriguez

    Raul Rodriguez

     21 days ago

    Ooo magic fish makes your video interesting!! Thanks for giving him a short life...

  • guardium mann W

    guardium mann W

     21 days ago

    Its a tadpole

  • Keith Mossey

    Keith Mossey

     a months ago

    Make ecospheres 2019!

  • To Fuu

    To Fuu

     a months ago +1

    It's like you are the god of that tiny little planet.

  • acmecomments


     a months ago

    this dumb ass cleaned the "plastic jar" and scratched it to shit 2:55

  • Scott Currie

    Scott Currie

     a months ago

    What an ignorant asshole.

  • Kevin Ma

    Kevin Ma

     a months ago +1

    its a musquito fish

  • João Topa

    João Topa

     a months ago

    one year later still no updates

  • lindsey hauk

    lindsey hauk

     a months ago

    Lol. Why wouldn’t you clean the glass before closing?

  • Mathieu van Leeuwen

    Mathieu van Leeuwen

     a months ago

    fish noy good. Eats all crusties

  • 3DDoc


     a months ago

    if there's too much clay in your soil then you prevent your charcoal from doing its job
    to get a stable system a certain minimum size is required,
    In saltwater aquariums, for example, smaller aquariums tilt much faster than large ones

  • The Bloodshot One

    The Bloodshot One

     a months ago

    pretty sure you can see mosquito larve on the leaves at 9:45 correct me if im wrong

  • lovely egg

    lovely egg

     a months ago +1

    i think the fish is a mosquito fish theyre really cool i had a couple for a pet for a while