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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 5, 2018
  • Slugburgers hail from Corinth, MS for 31 years has been celebrated at the annual Slugburger Festival held in the same town. Make with ground meat and extenders such as soy grits or cornmeal, these burgers were once sold for 5¢ which was also known as a "slug,' hence the name "slugburger." I'm fixing up two recipes for my first taste of a slugburger.

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    Recipe #1 was adapted from this one from C.F. Penn:
    Find Recipe #2 was adapted from this one:

    This video is NOT sponsored. I just wanted to taste a slug.

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  • James Sherrick

    James Sherrick

     2 hours ago

    I just discovered your Channel, I must say I have enjoyed your video's. They are nicely done, you are very good Emmi, keep up the good work.

  • Andrew Bendle

    Andrew Bendle

     11 hours ago

    You should do those up gourmet style. Add some Edam cheese to both after taking the patties out of the deep fry one onto a pan.

  • Marcos Danilo

    Marcos Danilo


    an idea would be to put a small amount of cheese inside the meat, doesnt need to be much, but it might help add flavor and even make it easier to chew. on a side note, you could use other things as well, such as a tomato slice, or some very thin layer of barbecue sauce(or any sauce you enjoy).

  • Linda Wolff/Kashmir27

    Linda Wolff/Kashmir27


    Any good slug recipes out there? 😂You know, I always wondered if you could prepare those similar to escargot?

  • mark ewings

    mark ewings

     2 days ago

    Emmy so beautiful

  • Jaysin Santos

    Jaysin Santos

     2 days ago

    I LOVE your channel. Quality educational content along with your amazing personality. Thank you for uploading!!

  • Wayne Clarke

    Wayne Clarke

     2 days ago


  • Wayne Clarke

    Wayne Clarke

     2 days ago

    Disappointed, where are the slug's?

  • Melody Rose

    Melody Rose

     3 days ago

    I was watching with my little four year old cousin and she goes " omg she is so beautiful "😂

  • Kaid Gardner

    Kaid Gardner

     3 days ago +1

    my mom would add cracker crumbs to our ground beef to make it stretch.

  • Spicy. Audios

    Spicy. Audios

     4 days ago

    Who thought she was going to eat slugs in a burger 💀😩

  • Reefer Wilson

    Reefer Wilson

     4 days ago

    Was hoping it was going to be those African mosquitoe burgers but with slugs

  • Roberta Pearson

    Roberta Pearson

     5 days ago

    So . . . that “corn meal” you used looked an awful lot like corn flour or corn starch. Up here in Canada, our corn meal is kind of yellow in colour and sort of course in texture. Was that really corn meal? If so, what would be the equivalent product here in Canada? Love your videos. I am in the process of working through all of them, lol. You are a wonderful cook and you are so honest in your reviews of the final dishes. Thank-you for all you efforts and for sharing them with all of us. 👵🏻🐾💕🇨🇦

  • Peter D. Great.

    Peter D. Great.

     5 days ago

    Darn, I was ready to go out in the garden and gather all the slugs that eat my kale.I wonder if Andrew Zimmern has ever eaten a burger made of real slugs.

  • Phoenixspin


     5 days ago

    Please eat an actual true slugburger.

  • Sarah Tessier

    Sarah Tessier

     5 days ago

    Considering the things you have eaten, i legitimately thought this was going to be a burger made from real slugs 🤣

  • John Christensen

    John Christensen

     6 days ago

    I wanted to know how many slugs it took to make a burger. Try adding corn meal to bread recipe.

  • E. Lewis Basher

    E. Lewis Basher

     7 days ago

    No shell-less snails????

  • James Culver

    James Culver

     7 days ago

    Master chef, charming host, and concert quality singer. What CAN’T she do?

  • lxn


     7 days ago

    My german grandma used to extend it with old bread. She ground (?) it up in there and it tasted GREAT :)