Quinoa & Ratatouille-Stuffed Peppers

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
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  • taylorly


     a years ago

    They actually something basically exactly like this at my local Costco and it’s so delicious!!!!

  • Joelle JEAN

    Joelle JEAN

     a years ago

    Where’s the inviting “oh yes!” :)

  • Sir Francis

    Sir Francis

     a years ago

    Needs bacon...lots of bacon. And cheese...lots of cheese.

  • memao ichi

    memao ichi

     a years ago

    It would be cool if you put the tops of the bell pepper back on

  • Miss Leading

    Miss Leading

     a years ago

    The first time I ate stuffed peppers were a few years ago.
    Green peppers stuffed with ground meat and stir fried rice.

  • Anya


     a years ago

    It's pernounced like keen-wa guys lol

  • Erika Cole Soul Kitchen

    Erika Cole Soul Kitchen

     a years ago

    Very easy steps!

  • stormbob


     a years ago

    If you ate this you'd be starving an hour later. There's no substance to it.

  • chicken


     a years ago

    What with all the stupid fucking vegetarian vegan videos it’s boring and old now. Fuck off

  • BurgerInParadice34


     a years ago +1

    Why did it matter if you put in vegetarian Parmesan if you were just going to add a hunk of butter later?

  • got no name

    got no name

     a years ago +1

    Its kind of an egyptian meal

  • pamarty Himaja

    pamarty Himaja

     a years ago +1

    Loved it

  • Nena Pappas

    Nena Pappas

     a years ago

    Αυτά είναι γεμιστά ρε! Τουλάχιστον βάλτε στον τίτλο gemista με κινοα!! Μα αν είναι δυνατόν

  • Aqila Saifi

    Aqila Saifi

     a years ago

    ratatouillw you mean the rat?

  • Th3 Mlg Us3r No Hacks

    Th3 Mlg Us3r No Hacks

     a years ago

    With Tasty, anyone can SUCC

  • fire channel

    fire channel

     a years ago

    I just came up with a recipe idea first get a ball of mozzarella Thad chop mozzarella up it’s pieces. Put most of them into a microwave safe bowl then put in microwave for 30 seconds on high until melted then get some black olives and take the rest of the mozzarella out and stuff the olives with the mozzarella then drizzle in some olive oil then bake in oven at high for 15 mins then take out olives. By now the melted mozzarella will have solidified so re heat that and then mix the stuffed olives into the melted cheese and pour into a pepper that you have de-seeded. Then bake dat stuffed pepper for 15 mins and serve immediately while still hot.

    Sorry this recipe was very vague

  • Harry Potter Fans

    Harry Potter Fans

     a years ago +2

    Where’s the “oh yes???”

  • doaa hamoda

    doaa hamoda

     a years ago

    It's very delicious food

  • Zakky boi

    Zakky boi

     a years ago

    she took my heart and left me lonely
    Song : SAD!

  • Krota


     a years ago +1

    what the crap would vegetarian Parmesan be made from?