GANDALF THE GRAHAM | Best of LOTR on The Graham Norton Show

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 11, 2017
  • Graham shows his love for the cast of Lord Of The Rings.
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  • Rocklessness



    I think One direction actual direction was a funeral on that day

  • Retro Wolf

    Retro Wolf

     6 days ago

    You shall not pass

  • JP Sillick

    JP Sillick

     6 days ago

    Andy Serkis is unbelievably talented

  • Bradley Keats

    Bradley Keats

     7 days ago

    RIP Robin Williams.

  • Harry Styles The Hot One

    Harry Styles The Hot One

     14 days ago +1

    Robin i miss you WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! sobs

  • L/Crochet love child

    L/Crochet love child

     14 days ago

    This is a beautiful classic interview rip robin Williams

  • The F7

    The F7

     14 days ago

    Love this!

  • Mr. Observant

    Mr. Observant

     14 days ago

    A wild 'Robin Williams' appears in your YouTube browsing!
    ...its SUPER effective!

  • Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe

     14 days ago

    I wonder if those kids appreciated Ian McKellan's Gandalf impression at the end?

  • My Video

    My Video

     14 days ago

    RIP Robin Williams

  • SiendoIrregular


     14 days ago

    Ian’s wearing a one direction t shirt?

  • Sara M.

    Sara M.

     14 days ago

    Im gonna repeat it.

    We miss you Robin Williams

  • Nobody


     21 days ago +1

    When i saw Robin Williams, here in this video, i thought to myself " He would have been perfect actor to play Tom Bombadil "

  • Alex Craft

    Alex Craft

     21 days ago

    Look at Robin Williams being the best part of this

  • john John

    john John

     21 days ago

    Robin Williams could have definitely been a character in LOR's.

  • Boothy18321


     21 days ago +1

    Ian McKellen’s voice is proof that smoking is good for you

  • Cleopatra Lucía

    Cleopatra Lucía

     21 days ago

    I wish Orlando were my elf 💕

  • Napalm Man

    Napalm Man

     28 days ago

    RIP Robbin Williams, you lighten up our childhood..

  • Alex Ward

    Alex Ward

     a months ago


  • maiarG 24

    maiarG 24

     a months ago

    My gas...i miss robin williams..mking me emo now..