6 Boozy Recipes For Your Next Party

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 14, 2018
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  • Jaylow C

    Jaylow C

     a years ago +2624

    I wish i could drink this 😭 but im

  • Lailana Perkins

    Lailana Perkins

     11 months ago +333

    this looks good but sadly, im a newborn baby, I was born last week

  • Funny 0494

    Funny 0494

     6 months ago +892

    T W O S H O T S O F V O D K A

  • YRA C

    YRA C

     4 months ago +529

    Now the comments is about adults complaining about adults complaining about kids complaining about how they can’t drink.

  • Yoda


     4 months ago +391

    I see literally 0 comments by kids.

  • Jaded


     a years ago +1337

    The jelly lemons look good af

  • avery storme

    avery storme

     a years ago +301

    People in the comments saying that half of the comments are about kids not being able to drink more than the kids saying they can't drink

  • fiwee kiwee

    fiwee kiwee

     5 months ago +643

    There's more people complaining about kids than actual kids lmao

  • Oliver’s Bullshit

    Oliver’s Bullshit

     4 months ago +305

    Bold of you to assume that I have enough friends to have/go to a party.

  • nvm i just dabbed

    nvm i just dabbed

     4 months ago +153

    Why are here of adults complaining about kids complaning smh

  • BeeToucher 3000

    BeeToucher 3000

     5 months ago +95

    Great, now I just need friends who are willing to go to my parties

  • JheyMeloetta


     4 months ago +82

    Adult : makes a smootie
    Kid : I want one!
    Adult : adds WHISKEY
    Kid : ..............
    Basically somethings tasty becomes a bar shots.

  • kiba the bad wolf

    kiba the bad wolf

     5 months ago +93

    But gotta admit the lemon and lime Jell-O shots looked super satisfying

  • 80,000 subs with no videos

    80,000 subs with no videos

     3 months ago +19

    Comment section:
    2% this looks good
    1% im gonna try this
    97% adults complaining about the video

  • demiiyah


     4 months ago +23

    the cabbage drink changes color becasue cabbage water can be used as a universal indicator and tell the pH of a substance ! The redder it is, the more acidic. The more blue, the more alkaline :o

  • Annetta Woodard

    Annetta Woodard

     7 months ago +23

    Who came for the lemons mind boggling 😦😶

  • SnapBackBri


     4 months ago +33

    Yo wtf is wrong wit your pet lemon

  • Gillian Daemon

    Gillian Daemon

     4 months ago +18

    I'll make these all for my own.
    So i have another way of drowning out the voices

  • pedro garcia

    pedro garcia

     a years ago +1839

    We got it, you're under age and you're watching this now stop

  • angel feeesh

    angel feeesh

     4 months ago +24

    I like how i see more comments about people complaining about people saying that they are underage than actual people saying they are underage