MLB | Stupid oversights

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 1, 2018
  • Baseball Sports

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  • Stevo935



    I honestly never realized that baserunners could advance on a foul ball. Learn something new every day I guess.

  • GoodNinjaGamez


     5 days ago

    So this is the reason why when I played baseball we always called out how many outs there were left. Makes sense now 😂

  • ThomasLynn S.

    ThomasLynn S.

     7 days ago

    NOBODY on 1st, 2nd, 3rd....Suggestion: Place 9 men on the field to cover all the bases, infield, outfield, pitcher, catcher...Might give it a try.

  • Yuriko


     14 days ago

    Some the mistakes here are the sort of thing you see in little league not the major leagues.

  • ベリーブラック


     14 days ago


  • Daniel Embree

    Daniel Embree

     14 days ago

    That beard is faaaantastic

  • Cody Suzuki

    Cody Suzuki

     21 days ago

    Best stupid act in MLB : Yankees and Dodgers buy out Aces and Hr batters from the rest of
    under budgeted Teams( A's Pirates , Padres , Marlins, Rays,,, Jaguars? List goes on)

  • bear v

    bear v

     21 days ago

    The fact that other people can still run when someone gets caught makes no fucking sense whatsoever.

  • Rambo_J23


     a months ago

    I think so many outfielders are just so buzzed off chew they have no idea what’s going on around them

  • Nplagma


     a months ago

    we get it, outfielders forget how many outs there are, and sometimes IFs leave a base uncovered.

  • Dominic O'Conner

    Dominic O'Conner

     a months ago

    buy watching this it is hard to believe these guys are professional players who have plaid this game for most of their lives.

  • Cunni Suzuki

    Cunni Suzuki

     a months ago


  • Gravelin 25

    Gravelin 25

     a months ago

    I so don't give a shit about Grammarly

  • Electro Ball

    Electro Ball

     a months ago +1

    2:25 Matsui did that?!

  • M Detlef

    M Detlef

     a months ago

    “Um... we COVERED THIS.....when you were NINE!!!!!”

  • d00bZubElEk


     a months ago

    LMFAO he had to take the ball back from the kid

  • Carlos Matos

    Carlos Matos

     a months ago

    It's funny how they steal the ball back from the poor kid each time. Pretty sure the play is dead once they toss it into the stands and each baserunner is awarded two bases. Just let them keep the ball!

  • ROGER2095


     a months ago +2

    I wonder if this stuff comes up when they ask for a raise.

  • caterina bennett

    caterina bennett

     a months ago

    Omg Sean casey

  • Ima Paine-diaz

    Ima Paine-diaz

     a months ago

    You just gotta keep you mind in the game!