Bowie Knife Restoration

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 27, 2018
  • This "Original Bowie Knife" was my father's. It's been on the to do list for a long time. My father passed many years ago when I was a teenager and I have very little of his, so it's all the more special. This knife was lost for a long time and unfortunately lost its sheath along the way.

    I'm pretty sure this knife is from the 60's or 70's. Made in Japan. It's not the fanciest knife nor the best looking, but it's sentimental to boot. Time for some loving and restoration!
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  • Jose Carlos Kruega

    Jose Carlos Kruega

     6 hours ago

    Buen trabajo

  • Йожъ Архип

    Йожъ Архип

     12 hours ago

    На ремень его не повесить. В кармане носить? 🤔

  • Michael Trimble

    Michael Trimble

     2 days ago

    That is by far one of the coolest and most worthy restos I have seen yet. Amazing work!

  • Evan Fleming

    Evan Fleming

     3 days ago

    Are you sure that's not an old KA-Bar knife?

  • andyds1


     5 days ago

    Best restoration ever

  • srvfan454


     6 days ago

    The leather handle replacement gives me some ideas for my worn out old Estwing hatchet!

  • John Bowering

    John Bowering

     7 days ago

    Really wicked job.well done.lots of hard work went into this project.beautiful end product. John uk

  • Nelson Vega

    Nelson Vega

     7 days ago

    Well done!

  • john smith

    john smith

     7 days ago

    Nice job!!! BUT....I wudda put a welt on the sheath to keep the knife from cutting the threads.

  • mtb_d4n


     7 days ago

    What grid sandpaper did you use to refine the knife?

  • Terence Cragg

    Terence Cragg

     7 days ago

    Excellent job!

  • Dary John Mizelle

    Dary John Mizelle

     7 days ago

    You obviously have the understanding and technique to restore an ole knife.  Why not design and build a new. original knife?

  • Bret M.

    Bret M.

     7 days ago


  • bravo one-niner

    bravo one-niner

     7 days ago

    What was the liquid u put the knife in at the beginning?

  • Joe Smyth

    Joe Smyth

     7 days ago

    Wow good job

  • Wiley Head

    Wiley Head

     14 days ago

    that's a K bar not a Bowie knife

  • GFDE


     14 days ago

    really good work, i also liked a lot to watch the leather work you did and that you dont put just any stupid music on your video, thumps up! ;)

  • Eyelinerım Çok Güzel

    Eyelinerım Çok Güzel

     14 days ago

    Kıllarını kesmene ne gerek vardı şimdi amk

  • SukoYote


     14 days ago

    Paranormal activity? (Just kidding) 6:40