Nursery Stock to Bonsai | Dwarf Holly Bonsai for $6.00

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 5, 2018
  • Can bonsai be made from cheap material? These might not be the best examples, but i think they will develop into nice trees. I think bonsai can be intimidating to beginners because of the cost of material and the threat of dying trees. With cheap materials, you can build your skills and practice different techniques without the fear of ruining expensive trees.
    These dwarf youpon hollies were purchased from homedepot for 5.98 (plus tax)

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  • Jaime Pedraza

    Jaime Pedraza

     4 months ago

    Ja, ja,,ja,ja, that's a bonsai, you most be doped!!!!ja ja ja



     5 months ago

    When u broke the branch I felt ur pain....I use to have a sycamore bonsai and u can't bend the branches unless they are fresh growth. And I never wire a sycamore I use string and weighs to pull the green shouts. Surprisingly u can miniaturize sycamore leaves to about 10mm

  • Lawrence Bignell

    Lawrence Bignell

     7 months ago +2

    A lot of coments about how u pruned a bonsai it is the individuals vision for each seperaate bonzai u are creating ur own art piece so dont judge just grow bonsai the way ur eye tells you to grow 1

  • Osama Sehbai

    Osama Sehbai

     8 months ago +1

    This guy just wasted my time

  • deb wood

    deb wood

     8 months ago +2

    Thank you I’m new to bonsai but not plants and watched a lot on utube you are one of the best, explaining landmarks on trunk getting in there checking out the base, how to approach the canopy. Yes it is intimidating, an scary to some of my house plants as I look at them wonder with scissors in hand. Lol

  • Martin Phan

    Martin Phan

     9 months ago

    Why!! Don’t have to cut that short!!! 😌

  • Nancy Fahey

    Nancy Fahey

     10 months ago +1

    Does anyone have a video who knows what they are doing?

  • wmhaynwwsmn


     10 months ago +1

    I really enjoyed seeing you work on these trees!!!

  • dylmz


     a years ago +3

    I think he doesn't know basic bonsai rules.

  • DEploribus Unum

    DEploribus Unum

     a years ago +1

    Lol. That table set up.

  • Eric Ferguson

    Eric Ferguson

     a years ago +5

    Is the juniper still alive? It looked like a goner.

  • Kruell


     a years ago +2

    lol.... "not to much... not to important"..... and I hear the treeing say... "not to important.... how about I cut your D!Ck off.... not to important!!!" lol. sorry... Im a butthead.......

    knob cutters..... still works...

  • jeffincharlestonsc


     a years ago

    When is best time to root prune the ilex, to transistion it to pre bonsai, found one with awesome trunk at lowes! Didn't buy it since its August in the South, may have to go back and get it now, thanks for the video!

  • humdrummer


     a years ago +1

    these don't do well for wiring unless it has green limbs or they are very small. move slowly over time. give us an update video!

  • Lee Van Dyke

    Lee Van Dyke

     a years ago +6

    Nigel always says to worry about the roots before the top, I agree. You should have just done an initial clean up and focus on roots

  • Kyle Dillard

    Kyle Dillard

     a years ago +2

    I did a yaupon holly about a month ago and it was kind of naked but it buded and grew nicely

  • Pinoy Bonsai

    Pinoy Bonsai

     a years ago +1

    Nice looking trees!

  • Stella Gimenez

    Stella Gimenez

     a years ago

    Me gustaria la traduccion de todo

  • Cass Murray

    Cass Murray

     a years ago +1

    Sorry not able to see where you cut and other aspects of the process due to your bulky gloves find something tighter and comfy

  • Oh Yeah

    Oh Yeah

     a years ago +1

    Banyak pohon yang indah 👌