Cher Calls Dave An Asshole at 3:57

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 21, 2013
  • Cher Calls Dave An Asshole - Late Night With David Letterman - May 22, 1986
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  • Bret Sonenstein

    Bret Sonenstein

     7 minutes ago

    But Dave gets paid millions of $$$ to be an asshole. Nobody pays me, I have to volunteer my services for free.

  • Mama Said

    Mama Said

     2 hours ago

    Tranny big mouth and no tushy

  • Mary Lou Hazel

    Mary Lou Hazel

     9 hours ago

    She IS the a$$ whole !!!

  • Simply Me

    Simply Me

     11 hours ago

    I don't like her singing but her honesty is refreshing.

  • James Thornton

    James Thornton

     11 hours ago

    I never realized how soft her speaking voice is since her singing voice is very strong. She was cute!

  • stobbinsboy


     11 hours ago

    Cher is great!

  • Caroline Brennan

    Caroline Brennan

     15 hours ago

    Like how normal looking she was here!



     16 hours ago

    3:55 is were you wanna see

  • joe fran

    joe fran

     19 hours ago

    Never a fan of hers.

  • emailkenny



    Wow, Cher really did her thing on Letterman that night (day) 😍. My God. Don’t know how Dave survived. Her charm/swag is off the charts. Decades old video, but I was still blushing & flustered ☺️

  • Star Child

    Star Child


    a timestamp to a bleep. Great.

  • UnknownUzer



    They are both pieces of shit. Dave started off being funny but turned into a bitter political pundit.

  • ferlenarab



    I liked her with Sonny! Time marches on...

  • Ryan Mcneila

    Ryan Mcneila


    You sheep are a fucking disease. You put these despicable celebrities on a pedestal when they should all be put in the ground. I look forward to each and every single one of your deaths.




    how can you dislike this video? it does exactly what it says on the tin

  • Tim Rubin Halcomb

    Tim Rubin Halcomb


    3:57 what?

  • Aida Rashid

    Aida Rashid


    Cher's birthday isn't May 22, it's May 20.

  • benj di cola

    benj di cola


    beautiful woman

  • CasSandra Wilcox

    CasSandra Wilcox


    In 2019 Cher is still mesmerizing ❤️

  • Josepha Slanarz

    Josepha Slanarz

     yesterday +1

    He makes people (women) uncomfortable and then he is pissed when they tell him...