Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
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     7 months ago +1103

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  • Monica Solano

    Monica Solano

     7 months ago +306

    Try not to eat SpongeBob food!!
    You can have the chiefs make a Kraby Patty, Grandma’s Cookies, Steamed Coral, Bran Flakes, Krusty Krab Pizza, Barnacle Loaf, Holographic Meatloaf, A Krabby Patty with Jellyfish Jelly, Kelp Jerky, Pretty Patties, Barnacle Chips, and Bubble Bath’s order of a Triple Patty Deluxe.
    For the punishment you have to eat SpongeBob’s Sundae, Plankton’s Chum, or fried Oyster Skins.

  • Alyssa !!

    Alyssa !!

     7 days ago +39

    do try not to eat charley and the chocolate factory foods

  • HiltonPosts


     5 months ago +75

    The food didn't really look tempting in this one

  • Spooney


     7 days ago +39

    Police officer is called Jim
    Jim hopper

  • Elvīra Beķere

    Elvīra Beķere

     5 months ago +73

    Try not to eat Charlie and the chocolate factory ☺️

  • Brandi Straley

    Brandi Straley

     6 months ago +244

    "as a police officer, i will not be seen on video eating a donut"

  • FlixCreEightR


     3 months ago +47

    The thing I don't understand is. If you eat something but skip the rest ? Why not continue ? You already lost.

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    Sarah Elizabeth

     6 months ago +54

    You should do a willie wonka episode!!

  • Ava Mostran

    Ava Mostran

     6 months ago +46

    They didn't do the hot chocolate that Flanders makes for Bart in the movie... so this was basically a waste of a video lol

  • Noodle _

    Noodle _

     5 months ago +63

    Let’s do a try to eat challenge. You guys have to bring the most disgusting foods in tv shows/movies/ etc. They must take a big bite and swallow it. Whoever swallows the most amount of food gets a delicious surprise at the end.

  • QWERTY787 !!

    QWERTY787 !!

     7 months ago +129

    Try not to eat:cloudy with a chance of meatballs edition

  • Sadieoo


     2 days ago +9

    Ive always wanted to try the hot cocoa that flanders makes for Bart in the Simpsons movie, it looks so good

  • Jesus


     1 months ago +25

    Flander’s hot chocolate should be for the winner :(

  • Lyla B. Cancino

    Lyla B. Cancino

     7 days ago +22

    A really good prize would be the hot chocolate ned flanders gave to Bart in the Simpsons Movie

  • Adelaide


     6 months ago +37

    "As a police officer I will not be caught eating doughnuts on video" LMAOOOOOOOOOO

  • Alethia Hoff

    Alethia Hoff

     7 months ago +47

    Spongebob foods next!
    The punishment can be chum from the chum bucket

  • Gillian Garcia

    Gillian Garcia

     yesterday +7

    Is it just me but does anyone else wonder what happens to the food if they don’t eat it? Like can I eat it instead 🥴

  • M M

    M M

     2 months ago +34

    I hope you guys do another Try Not To Eat Simpsons food. Here are some foods you guys should do:
    - A krusty burger
    - Marge’s dessert dogs
    - Marge’s Wasabi buffalo wings
    - Ned Flanders hot cocoa
    - Kwik-E-Mart squishee
    - Duff Beer lol
    - The gummy Venus de Milo
    Winners can eat a mini land of chocolate like in Homers fantasy.
    The losers can eat a caramel cod from the Treehouse of Horror episode.

  • Éliane Groulx

    Éliane Groulx

     5 months ago +29

    i don't understand why ppl just take one bite😂 like dude at least eat it at all like this you won't be hungry anymore for the next meal