The Top 5 Billy Joel Songs, Ranked By Billy Joel



  • Krispy Mane

    Krispy Mane

     a years ago +1639

    Billy is easily one of the greatest song writers to ever live in my opinion

  • Nathan White

    Nathan White

     4 months ago +833

    Still waiting on We Didn’t Start the Fire 1990-2019 Edition

  • A. Ericsson Mantilla

    A. Ericsson Mantilla

     3 months ago +303

    Happy 70th Birthday, You Legendary Piano Man!

  • L LL

    L LL

     a years ago +456

    5 ?? My Billy Joel TOP FIVE LIST has at least 20 songs in it..

  • Dominic Perrone

    Dominic Perrone

     2 years ago +3613

    "Elton John told you you should release more albums."
    "And I told him he should release less albums."

  • Ank A

    Ank A

     a years ago +296

    5:00 for the list

  • John Hoffman

    John Hoffman

     a years ago +762

    Billy Joel’s top five favorite Billy Joel Songs.
    5. Vienna
    4. And So It Goes
    3. You May Be Right
    2. She’s Always Right On Time
    1. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

  • Linda Licata

    Linda Licata

     a years ago +306

    Billy Joel is my favorite singer. I saw him in concert and had a great time.

  • Beatle Stories

    Beatle Stories

     a years ago +710

    Paul McCartney says just the way you are is the song he wished he'd wrote. I was unaware Billy even wrote that but it's still some accolade from a genius

  • David Oatman

    David Oatman

     9 months ago +142

    First seen Billy play when he was the opening act for the Doobie Brothers. Some of the fans were hardcore Doobie fans. They constantly were yelling Dobbies and gave Billy no chance to get going. You could understand why he was really annoyed with this. He stopped and said I've been paid so if you don't want to hear me the Dobbies will not be out till their scheduled time . I can leave and you can look at an empty stage till Dobbies. Once the loudmouths shut up he blew everyone away. Been a life long fan and it was one hell a concert in the end.

  • Unhappy Gamer

    Unhappy Gamer

     6 months ago +115

    I feel pretty unworthy commenting about such an Icon, but Billy thanks, for all the incredible songs. You make life better.

  • Eric Bell

    Eric Bell

     11 months ago +219

    One thing that sets Billy Joel above Elton John is the depth of his albums. Elton had a bunch of legendary hits, Tiny Dancer my favorite, but Billy Joel's albums are filled with hidden gems where too much of Elton's albums is just "junk" in the words of m83. The other part is Billy is far more engaging with an audience. Seeing them "Face to Face", Billy does circles around Elton. His crazy outfits can only do much. :)

  • Salvale


     4 months ago +84

    I’d 100000% watch Pianoman and Rocketman fight Tambourineman

  • Yondoodle


     2 years ago +1190

    One of the greatest musicians of all time!

  • A Google User

    A Google User

     4 months ago +149

    Uptown girl!
    Still makes me hype today.

  • Caitlyn


     7 months ago +41

    “Elton John said to put out more albums” Billy: “and I told him to put out less albums” Me: Instantly likes video

  • Kyle Dorsty

    Kyle Dorsty

     a years ago +55

    I'm shocked The 'Downeaster Alexa' wasn't mentioned

  • Samuel Cloudsley

    Samuel Cloudsley

     7 months ago +48

    5. Uptown girl
    4. Root beer rag
    3. Piano man
    2. River of dreams
    1. For the longest time

  • Liam Deschamps

    Liam Deschamps

     2 years ago +192

    Piano man is one of the greatest songs ever written

  • grumpyotter


     4 months ago +64

    I would rank Captain Jack not only as Billy's number one, but as one of the best of anyone's, of all time!