McDonald's VS. Burger King in Spain BEST BEEF in The World???

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 14, 2019
  • Many of you guys asked me to try out the McDonald's in Spain. And the signature burger at McDonald's caught me by surprise because it was one of the best burgers out of all the McDonald's I've tried. I also loved the cheesy croquettes! After eating at McDonald's, I also stopped at Burger King and tried out some of the interesting items there.

    So here's my review and comparison of Europe's McDonald's and Burger King in Spain.
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  • Nobody


     2 days ago

    You have both the stomach and metabolism of an Anime Protag oWo

  • Sea


     7 days ago +1

    That Mcdonalds just SHAT ON THE UK

  • MommaD* *

    MommaD* *

     7 days ago

    Burgers in USA are so tiny!!! Obviously not allowed in other countries!

  • MommaD* *

    MommaD* *

     7 days ago

    Mc FLURRY. NOT MCfloory.

  • richard dixon

    richard dixon

     7 days ago

    actually the croquetas are filled with a bechemel sauce and ham, not cheese but they are good. Not as good as homemade croquetas here in spain but good in a pinch.

  • hermest99


     14 days ago

    > Gets alcohol free beer
    > knew there was a reason i stopped drinking beer

    Alcohol free beer always tastes like crap man. Though the new Heineken 0.0 is fine, it's also still not on par with good beer.

  • Encomana'l


     14 days ago

    Free Damm it´s actually quite good given that it´s an Alcohol free beer. I would say, the best brand of alcohol-free beer in spain. However, real beer is still better :P

  • Johnny Hernandez

    Johnny Hernandez

     21 days ago

    Are you telling me Europe doesn’t give their cows chemical.. well I don’t believe that

  • Patmii


     28 days ago

    I always got the cheesy jalapenyo poppers fromBK in Spain. I could ignore the burgers just to eat them.

  • Moiz Khan

    Moiz Khan

     a months ago

    Greetings . The best BK is in Canada .

  • Rene Quiroz

    Rene Quiroz

     a months ago

    I love you mike but you don't know how to pour a beer

  • Joe Glover

    Joe Glover

     a months ago

    How do you eat so much in one sitting lol



     a months ago +1

    Well, Spain has perfectioned their meat even before America was "discovered"(I'm Spanish and my uncle has a farm, his beef is unbelievable good even for me that I'm picky even with 500€ Iberian ham.

  • Shane's Book Corner

    Shane's Book Corner

     a months ago

    Me: I don’t understand Mukbang style videos at all...

    Also me: watches video upon video of Mikey eating food

  • daydrmnation


     a months ago +2

    How can one person eat this much and not want to puke it all up?

  • FED7


     a months ago

    i love u

  • Le LaFlame

    Le LaFlame

     a months ago +1

    America is canceled

  • Veronica Boerks

    Veronica Boerks

     a months ago +2

    French fries in Spain are the best.

  • orion 2250

    orion 2250

     2 months ago +1

    I need a double meat,double cheeseburger and mozzarella sticks...right meow

  • The O Face

    The O Face

     2 months ago

    Mike, how's your Broth?