10+ Surprising Facts About Cambodia

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 31, 2019
  • Surprising Facts About Cambodia
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    Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation. The "Kingdom of Cambodia" is the official English name of the country. The English "Cambodia" is an anglicisation of the French "Cambodge".

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  • Kim Lin

    Kim Lin

     3 days ago

    Cambodian even don’t understand what’s foreign saying but would give you smile believe me I also Cambodian 🇰🇭

  • My Book

    My Book

     3 days ago

    This video had good explanation. Ml

  • JMR kh Official

    JMR kh Official

     7 days ago

    Love ❤️ from Cambodian

  • Mr Buggy

    Mr Buggy

     7 days ago

    We pronoun khmer : kham mai 😂

  • phnom penh

    phnom penh

     7 days ago

    cambodia 181035k2 កម្ពុជា ខ្មែរ



     7 days ago

    Cambodia is so beautiful🇰🇭🇰🇭
    I Love Cambodia❤

  • NINJAS Gaming

    NINJAS Gaming

     14 days ago

    Love all I’m from CAMBODIA 🇰🇭 ❤️

  • Thuy Dang

    Thuy Dang

     21 days ago

    NO is not kh-mer it kh-mai that how the people of Cambodia said it for some how the R is silence and the E is an ai

  • Chén Shu nán

    Chén Shu nán

     21 days ago

    Thanks for loving Cambodia

  • ZuperPiplup13


     1 months ago

    Who is Cambodian, but doesn’t live in Cambodia?

  • Srey Lak

    Srey Lak

     1 months ago

    Its not kh mer its kh mai

  • BRO NäK Gaming

    BRO NäK Gaming

     1 months ago

    Me from Cambodia

  • Chiva Ye

    Chiva Ye

     1 months ago

    thanks u for visited my country

  • Chhenghor {Official}

    Chhenghor {Official}

     1 months ago

    I’m proud of Cambodian 🇰🇭 ❤️(ខ្មែរ​/Khmer ). Thanks!!!

  • Donnell Hendricks

    Donnell Hendricks

     1 months ago

    Could you at least pronounce the words correctly? Cause I’m getting REALLY offended here.

  • nicholas the coolplayer

    nicholas the coolplayer

     1 months ago

    From 1979 to 1993 was control by vietnam it was just the it is. Vietnam was the country that took down khmer rouge. Without vietnam invading cambodia in 1979 pol pot would still rule til this day. Please get your facts right.

  • Gangster Angster

    Gangster Angster

     1 months ago

    Yes me

  • Gangster Angster

    Gangster Angster

     1 months ago


  • Rex cos

    Rex cos

     1 months ago

    i live in cambodia for real

  • FRKZ Invecto

    FRKZ Invecto

     1 months ago +1

    9:05 I got SCARED