Funniest Passive Aggressive Notes ft My Girlfriend

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 13, 2019
  • Funniest Passive Aggressive Notes ft My Girlfriend
    Sarah 's Video:

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  • Rhamslee Rowe

    Rhamslee Rowe

     3 hours ago +1

    My fav drinks are:
    Strawberry milk
    Grape juice
    Apple juice
    Unicorn frapicino

  • Abdallah J 's Mum Os

    Abdallah J 's Mum Os

     4 hours ago +1

    7:23 WTF did I just hear



     6 hours ago

    The cohcolate milk is your fav until now you now why?

    Answer:look at your self

  • Gang gang Joshua Jenkins

    Gang gang Joshua Jenkins

     6 hours ago

    Real hot dogs are made of pig nose

  • Klarence Lopera

    Klarence Lopera

     7 hours ago

    0:51 Am I watching Davie504?

  • Eric Chey

    Eric Chey

     8 hours ago +1

    I will take you favorite thing

  • Tiger Randol

    Tiger Randol

     14 hours ago

    I’ve never had anyone come to my b day at all!!!!!

  • TheHArdCOooKie tOhARd

    TheHArdCOooKie tOhARd

     15 hours ago

    Any one notice how
    Sara loves chocolate and fudge stuff the color of her boyfriend like if you also noticed

  • Samuel Peterson

    Samuel Peterson

     15 hours ago

    You and your girlfriend have and common your forehead size now I know why you were a hat and she wears her hair in the front

  • B.k Rules

    B.k Rules

     17 hours ago

    For the first one I am a demon because I always hurt boys at school 😈😈😈😈

  • omer elhassan

    omer elhassan

     17 hours ago +1

    0:42 relatable

  • the wierd hurchin

    the wierd hurchin

     18 hours ago

    you like chlidogs

    you a fan of sonic?

  • Maykayla Bibbs

    Maykayla Bibbs

     19 hours ago

    It’s ok when it was my b day only ONE o m friends came

  • Israel Salas

    Israel Salas

     20 hours ago

    I have the same shirt as sarah

  • Armand Ndjip

    Armand Ndjip

     21 hours ago

    And i'll destroy your cotton candy bang energy...(i really wont your bang energy is the best...even tho i never tasted it..)

  • Armand Ndjip

    Armand Ndjip

     21 hours ago

    If yall dont give me my glue back i'll take your chocolate milk

  • Grace Gaga

    Grace Gaga

     22 hours ago +2

    This is how many people like dangmattsmith

    Haha did you think i was gonna ask for likes?

  • An unusual Button

    An unusual Button


    This is how entertaining his videos are9’0000’678888766’3445 like literally whenever I was a kid my dad grounded me and he couldn’t find my iPhone so I got to use it whenever I was home alone!! Lord I was so exited whenever he left. If you ever made bad grades your not alone cause I made a bad grade when I was in high school and I hid my phone behind some studie books it was such a relive when he didn’t find it but now
    I have two brackets that I had in my high school year and it’s not a good memory

  • Simphiwe Nkala

    Simphiwe Nkala


    Your but

  • Hat gaming

    Hat gaming

     yesterday +1

    Humans listen up we need to like dis vid and den dats how many people will come to Sarah birthday