Conan Catches Jordan Schlansky Coming In Late

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 7, 2013
  • Conan investigates why Jordan rolls in past noon and discovers his creepy morning routines. More CONAN @

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  • Dr. Ceenefzetessa

    Dr. Ceenefzetessa

     an hour ago

    I have now watched this clip for easily the 50th time since it was uploaded. It does not stop being funny. Still have to laugh like on the day I first saw it.

  • nifelhell42


     2 hours ago

    "Jordan, do you know what time it is?".........If he just had said "TOOL TIME", that would have been epic.....and then ask about the bra on Conan

  • searchnfor


     8 hours ago


  • hunter Montrose

    hunter Montrose

     9 hours ago

    God how fake is this

  • eric planting

    eric planting

     9 hours ago

    Conan is giving Schlansky but tbh, schlansky is the smartest guy in the room he's talking about stuff that's ultra high performance. Conan goes "haha.." then five years later "oh wait that's a good idea"

  • Philip Jackson

    Philip Jackson

     10 hours ago

    Love the short answers

  • John Marascia

    John Marascia

     15 hours ago

    Jordan is a natural comedian. lmao

  • Fumbi Adegbesan

    Fumbi Adegbesan

     16 hours ago

    Oats and whey

  • ACP


     18 hours ago

    I think he’s Klaatu

  • Fuel for the Furnace

    Fuel for the Furnace

     19 hours ago

    Conan is F* hilarious. I remember Conan on late night when the set looked like it was 12 dollars to build and he would do the bit "In the year 2000". Good stuff.

  • Dónal O'Flynn

    Dónal O'Flynn

     22 hours ago

    Is nobody going to mention that he's wearing a Google shirt? Who apart from Google employees even does that?

  • Matthew Lynch

    Matthew Lynch


    Great ending

  • D.A.J.E x Makeup by Sharun John Joseph

    D.A.J.E x Makeup by Sharun John Joseph


    Awh.....he cute and funny and hot

  • 3rdaxis


     yesterday +1

    lol, he removes his shirt like a women.

  • MakeYourOwnDamnMusic



    The Schlansky bits are always my favorites.

  • sikk5150



    I would like to attend a show but first can we talk about my third nipple?

  • Mr. Mike

    Mr. Mike

     2 days ago +1

    Why do I see this person as a typical democrat?

  • Camp Nation

    Camp Nation

     2 days ago

    He got flamed.

  • Em Ar

    Em Ar

     2 days ago

    dammmmmnnn he hot daddy

  • nowisthetime12


     2 days ago

    go Conan!!!