Everything Wrong With 2012

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 25, 2014
  • This is a terrible movie, let's not mince words. It's so bad, it's the most-requested movie that we hadn't done yet, until today. Don't remember how bad it was? Let us remind you.

    Also: http://dollarshaveclub.com/sins

    Thursday: Sins on the run.

    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we recount next? Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/cinemasins-store
  • Source: https://youtu.be/AohOD6F_rwA


  • Jumpin Jehosephat

    Jumpin Jehosephat

     11 hours ago

    For sin 194: this is 1000% possible given what we know about the Chinese surveillance state.

  • Kratos_ Estrella

    Kratos_ Estrella

     13 hours ago

    next everything wrong with 2020

  • Drake Morency

    Drake Morency


    How would you have done it?
    You don't know. You're so focused on tearing others down that this is all you are! A YouTube channel! 2012 was a whole movie while you'll never be remembered. Fuck off.

  • Drake Morency

    Drake Morency


    I personally think you're unhappy and the best you can do is to tear down real movies which you you could never square up to.
    You. You don't know how to make a movie. So you trash those who did.
    Let it go. Get out of this business. You're a fake, a fraud, you are literally crying over movies you couldn't make.
    Get a life bro

  • Firestorm 308

    Firestorm 308


    Nothing on the basilica rolling like a wheel after falling a distance enough to powder it?

  • saurabh SINGH

    saurabh SINGH


    A ship can't float at 29000 feet?

  • Rin Ngo

    Rin Ngo


    I lost it when you talked about Woody Harrelson 😂

  • Casper 'the racist' Ghost

    Casper 'the racist' Ghost


    Thanks to Cinemasins for making me laugh. Not only at these kinds of stupid movies, but also at the stupid people who spent the time to actually watch these incomprehensibly moronic movies.

  • Benson Li

    Benson Li

     3 days ago

    Gonna tell my kids I survived this

  • Raul Quesada

    Raul Quesada

     3 days ago

    i was born in 2012 im dead in that year

  • Travis


     3 days ago

    11000 meters is deeper than 11000 feet, you fucked that one up.

  • Nova Lightress18

    Nova Lightress18

     3 days ago

    This movie used give me nightmares

  • Jerry Richard

    Jerry Richard

     3 days ago

    Have you ever heard of fiction? You know, fake shit.

  • Kevin Piacente

    Kevin Piacente

     4 days ago

    And theres still idiots in our society that believe the world is coming to an end

  • Kevin Piacente

    Kevin Piacente

     4 days ago

    The taxi in the tunnel. Princess diana

  • john pierce

    john pierce

     4 days ago

    government knew way in advance it was goanna happen and could have saved millons of lives, but lol nope

  • God Was Bored

    God Was Bored

     4 days ago

    @CinemaSins - You go to DollarShaveClub.com/Sins? You buy your merch from your own merch? Isnt that double dipping?
    Dear DollarShaveClub,
    I believe one of your spons.....

    ... well you don't need to hear the rest of this.

  • The Lone Rider

    The Lone Rider

     5 days ago

    The big sin: it is 2020 and we are still here so obviously...

  • Srinivasa Ramanujan

    Srinivasa Ramanujan

     5 days ago

    Duszą mnie mocno proszę ICH o pomoc ! Ludzie odpowiedzialni za tę zbrodnię ,będą także oskarżani o zaniechania ,tracenie czasu i wszystkie wynikłe z tego ofiary .Chodzi głównie o "amatorów kwaśnych jabłek " z jednego tylko rządu i państwa na ziemi .Są przeżarci tym problemem na wylot . Ludzi którzy nie mają tej zbrodni na sumieniu jest mało jak Pensów w kieszeni .

  • That One Person

    That One Person

     5 days ago +1

    My dumbass thought it literally meant everything that actually happened in 2012