MLB | Unexpected Tricks

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 19, 2018
  • Baseball Sports

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  • Privat3 Island

    Privat3 Island


    4:32 This has to be the best unexpected trick....this dude faked a slide...never saw that before in my life

  • Ax Sala

    Ax Sala

     7 days ago

    Trucos ?? Que aburrido

  • Yamaha SR650

    Yamaha SR650

     14 days ago

    Yogi Berra is the only pro ball player to get a home run on a pitchout. Why? "I wanna hit the ball!" Cool dude.

  • Tyestor


     14 days ago

    if these players weren't so fat half these plays wouldn't be possible and the other half would be even more spectacular. such a shame baseball is full of lard-asses.

  • Lastman Standing

    Lastman Standing

     21 days ago +7

    Some say the hidden ball trick never gets old.
    If you are the runner, it does.

  • booognish


     21 days ago

    I got a love hate thing for the hidden ball and the fake intentional walk. Keep your head up I guess, but it does feel a little dirty.

  • booognish


     21 days ago

    I will never get tired of the dude hitting the intentional walk..

  • Red Mann

    Red Mann

     28 days ago

    Is there anything better than the pickle from 3rd to home?

  • Udah jamsetenem

    Udah jamsetenem

     28 days ago


  • Tinggal sepuluh

    Tinggal sepuluh

     28 days ago


  • Jevin Baylosis

    Jevin Baylosis

     a months ago

    3:37 camera was tricked too

  • GiDD


     a months ago +3

    2:10 why is there a little kid running the bases?

  • Jeffrey Fabian

    Jeffrey Fabian

     a months ago

    That happened to me back in Waterford Township Michigan at the A&P supermarket.

  • Richard Jones

    Richard Jones

     a months ago

    Since when is a bunt a Trick?

  • Tony Domínguez

    Tony Domínguez

     a months ago

    Mariano Duncan dio un doble con un toqué porque no está en es ranquin

  • Luis Mateo

    Luis Mateo

     a months ago

    Where is the behind the back play by bartolo ???

  • BW Acuff

    BW Acuff

     a months ago

    "Don't throw it away. Don't THROW IT AT ALL! "

  • Kjh


     a months ago +1

    2:15 hold on, I thought I had a rough understanding of baseball rules. But what is this? A game of ‘Tag you’re it’?

  • rick anduiza

    rick anduiza

     a months ago

    Freakin awesome, man I love baseball!

  • Angel Lawless

    Angel Lawless

     a months ago

    the bunt should be used way more against shifts