Stupid Lies I Believed for Way Too Long

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 15, 2017
  • I was a gullible child, don't give me that look.

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    Music: Crocodile Tears by ionics

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get an acid spitting grasshopper to defend yourself from predators (the drug kind euheuheueh)
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  • CaptainMoreMight Y

    CaptainMoreMight Y

     an hour ago

    I can look back into my head

  • Sandra Marku

    Sandra Marku

     2 hours ago

    The tv thing is true i did that when i was like 3 years old and i wear glasses

  • Nickplaysgames YT

    Nickplaysgames YT

     3 hours ago

    im a little kid ima search it up

  • Leia Maldonado

    Leia Maldonado

     4 hours ago

    I have a metal filling and when I bite metal stuff, I put it near me fillings on purpose

  • lyllah romeave

    lyllah romeave

     4 hours ago

    my mum is blind because of sitting close to the tv. : (

  • The Gacha-tuber named Nyx

    The Gacha-tuber named Nyx

     5 hours ago

    When I was younger I stood really close to the tv

    Because I couldn’t see it from far away turns out I needed glasses

  • Its Kiwi OwO

    Its Kiwi OwO

     5 hours ago

    Me: *eats a seed*

  • marc


     6 hours ago

    my brother wanted glasses when he was 4 i wish i did not have glasses

  • Leila Davenport

    Leila Davenport

     13 hours ago

    So you know how you roll your eyes up and pull your bottom eyelid down to look like your eyes are ‘gone’ (this was like 4 years ago) my friend did it and look backed super hard and pulled his eyelids down hard to where his eyes literally got stuck, no joke, he didn’t see his brain though. He had his friend call his mom because I was at this boy’s house and he had a friend over (I was his neighbor and I was 9, nothing weird about having a guy friend at 9, CHILL) the kid was sent to the emergency room, he was fine though. I go to school with him and his friend (Liam Allen and Bryce Jones, if you wanted to know)... I go to the kings academy, anyways you can actually get your eyes stuck just not to were you can see your brain.. trust me I witnessed it

  • Arianna Belle

    Arianna Belle

     14 hours ago

    Thank you Jadien cause I have glasses

  • ItzGameTimeWithMe


     15 hours ago +1

    Just a note for ppl who don’t have glasses


  • Harleen Conner

    Harleen Conner

     15 hours ago

    I use to believe the one about standing to close to the TV can hurt your eyes

  • Jennifer Schneider

    Jennifer Schneider

     16 hours ago

    0:05 or two years and nine months.

  • Ashton Taylor

    Ashton Taylor

     17 hours ago

    I’m 11 and I know what aids are

  • Callmewolfy 17

    Callmewolfy 17

     17 hours ago +1

    Um sitting to close to an electronic can be bad because you can go cross eyed

  • Marlee Kean

    Marlee Kean

     18 hours ago

    I like how the clock in the background of her making the list said 1am

  • Dark SenpaiChan

    Dark SenpaiChan

     18 hours ago

    I know someone that ALWAYS sits right in front of the tv now he uses glasses whenever he's driving, play video games, watching tv, anything that involves safety and screens

  • Chromes only Fan

    Chromes only Fan

     19 hours ago

    Glasses aren’t very hard....honestly you get used to in in like a week

  • Tanya Sall

    Tanya Sall

     20 hours ago +1

    Jaden:I really wanted glasses
    Me:I have glasses for no reason
    Jaden: ...

  • Koko Felinczak

    Koko Felinczak

     22 hours ago

    Me: this video is good
    Others: 2019!? Anyone in 2019?!!?!?!