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  • Published on:  Monday, September 17, 2018
  • In this video, Dawson discusses the 10 hardest MLB records to break. The list is featured with some records and legends you may have never heard of.
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  • Bartolo Colon

    Bartolo Colon

     a years ago +1130

    Sadly Will White might be better than me

  • Kalas Atwater

    Kalas Atwater

     17 hours ago

    Stopped looking after #1 steroids man

  • Arlo Pear

    Arlo Pear

     21 hours ago

    Baseball is such a historically iconic sport. When this Will White guy was tearing up pitching in 1884 it was only 3 years after Billy the Kid was killed

  • 1luiszepol



    Sorry but Hank Aarón is the real home runs record holder: 755. Bonds?? A joke

  • Gordon Mckay

    Gordon Mckay

     2 days ago

    Which other record is safe? I'll give you 56 hints.

  • jeff centers

    jeff centers

     2 days ago


  • Steve Otting

    Steve Otting

     2 days ago +2

    Bonds cheated starting in 2000...

  • michael christensen

    michael christensen

     3 days ago

    No mention of Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak. No one has come close to it.

  • NolanPlaysGamez


     5 days ago

    im named after nolan ryan

  • John Brown

    John Brown

     5 days ago

    Also, what about the pitcher who had taken LSD and pitch a no hitter? Where is that record?

  • John Brown

    John Brown

     5 days ago

    If a record was broken while a player was ussing steroids, then they should be in elligible for anything. Like Barry Bonds, strip him of all the home runs he got while using steroids.

  • B T

    B T

     5 days ago

    It took the cubs 108 years I think. Maybe Dawson didn't try took make it look that bad

  • Belén Diaz

    Belén Diaz

     6 days ago

    3:56 he put the middle finger 🤣

  • Daniel Ppa

    Daniel Ppa

     6 days ago

    Hr record can be broken doesn't count

  • Take #19

    Take #19

     7 days ago

    Clicked off after the first two. Really dumb list, compiled by someone with zero understanding of the game. I only saw two, but - Take the Indians by themselves...they’re already most of the way to breaking the Cubs record of seasons without a WS. Next factor in how long it took several very good franchises to get their first and you can see this is not an untouchable record. Next, home runs...if any record(s) in the game are likely to be broken, you can rest assured it’ll relate to home runs. The way the game is being played now, with emphasis on exit velocity and launch angle, infield shifts and the complete lack of small ball combined with a league overflowing with accomplished superstars that are EXTREMELY young, this record will not be around in 15-16 years. The game hasn’t seen this level of talent since Mantle and Mays.

  • Charles Bird

    Charles Bird

     7 days ago

    What about the 56 game hitting streak?

  • 1212LeoSnake


     7 days ago

    So Bob Gibson's 22-9 record with a staggering 1.12 era in a single season is not worth mentioning??

  • Yely Harmony

    Yely Harmony

     14 days ago

    When are people gonna understand that different eras can't be compared?50-60 years ago their training was different,their diets,their uniforms/clothes/shoes...their swing was shit,the level was different,the pitching speed average I bet it was way lower,the pitchers had a way shorter repertoire...now the players are better equipped...have all the information and best training ever,and a lot of money to take care of all their physical needs...
    Do you really think any of those players from long ago could have kept a 360+ avg during his career?
    Today even guys in their early 20's can throw close and over 100mph...
    Every sport evolves and comparing different eras having a huge gap between them is plain stupidity.

  • Zinho9


     14 days ago

    How bout Dimaggio's hit streak

  • Sonoma Valley Tech

    Sonoma Valley Tech

     14 days ago

    How about Johnny Vander Meer. He threw back to back no hitters. In order to break this record someone would have to throw 3 no hitters consecutively!