Joji and Rich Brian Make a Classic Japanese Street Food | Feast Mansion

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 17, 2018
  • Takoyaki is one of Joji’s favorite Japanese street snacks. But what happens when the octopus balls are stuffed with cheeseburger and s’more ingredients? After an off-the-wall taste test supplied by Joji's caterer, the guys decide to recreate the Osaka street-food staple all by themselves. Armed with a griddle, some diced octopus, and a whole lot of batter, Joji and Rich Brian give themselves an impromptu takoyaki tutorial while sending shots at celebrity chefs like Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay. Will Brian and Joji make enough takoyaki for the party? Will Flay and Fieri catch these hands? Will J. Cole show up!? Find out on all new episode of Feast Mansion.

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  • First We Feast

    First We Feast

     a years ago +2162

    Who would win in the Guy Fieri vs Bobby Flay cage match?

  • Kalli Dunnam

    Kalli Dunnam


    So.... We just gonna forget the pink guy takoyaki video ?

  • Vendetta RAZOR

    Vendetta RAZOR

     4 days ago +1

    How about make an ASIAN PIZZA

  • Jonah


     5 days ago +1

    Have you guys seen chef by Jon favreau

  • kubomi


     6 days ago

    Jojis laugh is so contagious lol

  • mari ana

    mari ana

     7 days ago

    i think joji uses glasses in every video because he’s always high

  • bryanDAman 091

    bryanDAman 091

     14 days ago

    I just realized, most of the music in these videos, they were released in head of the clouds || album.

  • ガラクティック


     14 days ago

    Rich Brian: welcome to the feast mansion
    Joji: welcome to the feast mansion
    Rich Chigga: welcome to the fuck mansion
    Frank: welcome to the rice fields motherfucker

  • Nicole Shivel

    Nicole Shivel

     21 days ago

    bastardizing food lmao

  • Laryssa Ferreira

    Laryssa Ferreira

     21 days ago

    throw money at problems is mood

  • Dauragin


     21 days ago

    lmfao, joji always messin up the cooking part

  • Pepperoni Salad

    Pepperoni Salad

     21 days ago

    I dare you to watch this after you watch the fucking cake (the one with hair) he made



     21 days ago

    when they ate it too hot: whoooo hooooo whooooo

  • soupy Slurpslurp

    soupy Slurpslurp

     a months ago +1


  • Aochila Aier

    Aochila Aier

     a months ago

    Brian looks like a really caring person :)

  • Thiccshins


     a months ago

    Joji's laugh is so contagious damnn

  • Gaveez Networkz

    Gaveez Networkz

     a months ago +1

    You all should try quek2 in the philippines

  • Cool TRG

    Cool TRG

     a months ago

    Of course Joji would be the one to suggest eating insects. Franks still there boys

  • Cards


     a months ago

    just looked at the calendar...

  • Uglybrownboii _

    Uglybrownboii _

     a months ago

    I noticed filthy frank is better then joji at making food 💀💀