This Liquid DESTROYS Plastic

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 27, 2019
  • Today we're taking some acetone and polystyrene, or styrofoam, and learning more about what why acetone causes things to melt.

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  • Coco Marks

    Coco Marks



  • Logan Burch

    Logan Burch

     2 days ago

    Mix it with gallium and put it on cans of sprite

  • Hunter Spider

    Hunter Spider

     3 days ago

    Y'all should take the melted polystyrene and see if you can mold it or shape it until it dries.

  • James Johnston

    James Johnston

     3 days ago

    So one question what happens if you take the melted styrofoam out if the acetone and apply it to different objects and surfaces would they be incased in styrofoam or make a different compound or be brittle

  • sam kes

    sam kes

     3 days ago

    Same things happen with gasoline also

  • Brandon Marchetti

    Brandon Marchetti

     3 days ago

    Callie looks awesome with little to no make up, I like this look 😊 (she’s gorgeous either way, but that natural beauty is just woah)

  • Spencer Nelson

    Spencer Nelson

     3 days ago

    If you replace the acetone with diesel, you have napalm which you can't show on YouTube.

  • M862 Msar

    M862 Msar

     3 days ago

    You guys should see what happens when you mix acetone and bleach.

  • nuno's Animation Studio

    nuno's Animation Studio

     4 days ago

    I do

  • Natural Nate

    Natural Nate

     4 days ago +2

    Kardashians: O_O
    Turtles: :D

  • Mr Welshy

    Mr Welshy

     4 days ago +1

    Isn't this how napalm is made? Or is that petrol with polystyrene in it?

  • Cade Moreno

    Cade Moreno

     4 days ago

    You guys should’ve tried different densities of eps

  • Chaki3545


     4 days ago

    Why is that intro is so satisfying

  • CME Gordy

    CME Gordy

     4 days ago

    polystyrene also melts in gasoline which if I am correct is a form of napalm.

  • Cameron Evans

    Cameron Evans

     4 days ago

    Nate , if that's your real name, how have you not seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit? You havent lived until you've seen it.

    Callie you are my Goddess! Marry me please? Lol

    Oh can you make a homemade lava lamp?

  • This is Nick

    This is Nick

     5 days ago

    How was the acetone not melting your glove

  • Brian Queren

    Brian Queren

     5 days ago

    i understand that reference i was 5 when i saw the move.

  • ThickMan_863 _

    ThickMan_863 _

     5 days ago

    5:41 I got the reference

  • xd BlueSky

    xd BlueSky

     5 days ago

    Dump this stuff over landfills

    A bunch of this stuff

  • James


     5 days ago

    You can destill the Acetone in order to get it cleaner